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Jai Bhim: All To Know About The Tamil Film

Jai Bhim Release Date

On his 46th birthday actor, Suriya released the first look of his upcoming Tamil movie Jai Bhim. Now everyone is curious to know Jai Bhim release date. Jai Bhim is not just a movie. It is a revolution against the stereotype. The movie’s title has been inspired by the name given to B.R. Ambedkar. His followers used to call him Bhim, so the title hails Ambedkar. The movie will definitely encourage the minority and will help to uplift the status s of minorities in society. The first look of the movie tells us that Suriya will characterize a lawyer who is expected to fight for the right of the Tribal community. 

It was really important to address tribal areas as Uttrakhand has approved a high leveled dam project that will destroy an enormous amount of wildlife and all the tribal communities have to relocate. In the movie, Suriya is claimed to be Ambedkar as Ambedkar fought for the rights of minorities. Suriya would be seen doing the same on the screen. The movie is directed and written by TJ Gnanavel. The movie is expected to be a biopic, and the script is inspired by true events that happened in a village in Tamil Nadu. TJ Gnanavel is famous for making revolutionary movies. He is a director who has switched his career after pursuing a briefly working as a journalist.

Jai Bhim Release Date

The First Look Of Suriya’s Movie Jai Bhim. (Credits: The Indian Express)

So he understands the need to make people aware of the practices that still hail in the backward places of society.

Jai Bhim Is Not Just A Movie It’s A Revolution

Our industry needs movies like these to spread awareness about problems and situations that tribal communities face every day. There are still places in India where minorities are still looked down upon. There are still cases of honor killing and shamed murders. We are in a world where people are interested in other people’s love life but somehow ignore the important facts. Suriya has also done a great job of taking up such a sensitive topic. And he used the occasion of his birthday to release the first look of his upcoming movie. The movie is expected to be a masterpiece. 

And movies like these drag the attention of the ignorant people and start a revolution. The movie will also feature the schemes and policies that the government has taken up for the Tribal community, but the administrator misused their authority and exploited them. 

First Look Of Jai Bhim

On 23rd July 2021, Suriya Sivakumar tweeted the first look of the movie, and he Tweeted that he is excited to show the world the first look of Jai Bhim. Fans are really excited to watch the movie. Media is considered an important aspect of democracy, and movies, productions like these keep democracy alive. Many people were annoyed by the reservation system, but masterpieces like Article 15 and Jai Bhim tell us that there is a need to back these communities.

Even international markets are taking efforts to lift up these communities. Amazon has initiated a program with the government of India where they are selling handmade goods by the tribal community to boost up the employment opportunities for them. Tribes can outsmart the urban population, and they have proved it many times. During the COVID19 pandemic, a tribal woman developed alcohol-based sanitizers from Mahua. They prove the phrase right that Crisis is the mother of invention.

Jai Bhim Release Date

Ever since the first look of the movie had been released, fans are curious to know the released date of the movie. However, there is no specific date announced yet. Some of the sites say that Jai Bhim will be released in 2021, and Book My Show says that the movie will be released in 2022. But it is expected that Jai Bhim release date would be announced super soon. So, stay tuned.

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