IU And Kim Go Eun Lend A Helping Hand To The Victims Of The Uljin Wildfire

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IU Go Eun

IU and Kim Go Eun are some of the most talented and beloved celebrities of South Korea! The two have proved again and again that they are super talented. Lee Ji Eun aka IU is the best of the best when it comes to singing and writing songs. Not to forget that she is an excellent actor as well. IU has worked in many successful Korean dramas such as Persona, Hotel Del Luna as Jung Man Wool, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo as Go Ha Jin/ Hae Soo, and My Mister as Lee Ji Ahn. Not everyone, except for IU, can go around saying that they are known as their own nation’s little sister. Even though she had debuted in the year 200 making it a decade since she has been in the Korean industry, IU is still one of the best-selling Korean artists in history!

Moving on to Kim Go Eun, we could talk about how amazing she is all day! Go Eun had landed on her fire-ever role in the critically acclaimed film A Muse. Go Eun made us fall in love with her in the cutesy and intense character of Ji Eun Tak alongside Gong Yoo in Goblin. Not to mention every kdrama or movie that she works in always is a certified hit! From The King: Eternal Monarch and Yumi’s Cells. Do not even let us get started on how many awards this woman has brought under her name. All in all, both IU and Kim Go Eun are great women of the Korean industry that we all admire. Recently, these two had donated a huge amount for the victims of the Uljin Wildfire. Keep reading to find out more!

Kim Go Eun And IU Donate A Huge Amount To The Uljin Wildfire Victims

Kim Go Eun and IU besides being popular for their unbeatable talents are also known for their kind-hearted personalities. the Hope Bridge Association had revealed that the South Korean actress Kim Go Eun had donated a whopping 50 Million Won for the victims. They said Go Eun’s money will be put into use for the victim’s need and for their quick recovery. The actress spoke about the situation and said that she really hopes that with her help people will find a way to overcome this crisis. Furthermore, it was revealed by the Hope Bridge Association that IU had donated a generous amount aka 100 Million won to those who were affected by the wildfire.

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IU Go Eun
Go Eun and IU

The association revealed that IU’s money will be used in making temporary houses for those who had lost their homes due to the fire. the Secretary-General of The Hope Bridge Association thanked IU dearly for helping out these people in these grave times. Fans of these Korean celebrities know that it is not the first time that they have been really charitable in times of crisis. In the mids of the COVID-19 pandemic, Go Eun had donated 100 Million Won to those families who could not afford masks for themselves.

As revealed by the Korean Medical Association, IU too had donated 3000 pieces of protective wear (100 Million Won) and even gave about 4,600 cooling vests for the nurses which were also about 100 Million Won. This is the exact reason why the whole world is crazy about Kim Go Eun and IU!

What Is The Situation In Uljin?

Yesterday, on March 4, Uljin was in a state of alarm when a fire had started on the eastern coast of the region which was located near a mountain in the Seaside town of the North Gyeongsang Province in Uljin. The fire spread to a nearby city named Samcheok in Gangwon Province.

IU and Kim Go Eun Donate A Huge Amount
The Gruesome Wildfire at Uljin

Due to the strong wind and the dry weather, the fire caught on so fast that even the skilled firefighters had trouble dealing with it. During this wildfire, thousands of people had lost their shelter, property, even making about 6200 people flee from their homes. Our dearest condolences to all those who were harmed due to the Uljin wildfire!

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