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Is There Any K-Pop Audition in India 2021?

Indian K-pop band : Credit goes to Livon
Indian K-pop band : Credit goes to Livon

K-pop has become a sensation among today’s youth. Its popularity has soared the sky due to numerous factors. Be it dancing, singing, acting, visuals, and rapping, or the latest fashion trends K-pop covers all. They have inculcated all the above in them perfectly, and each k-pop group has hooked its own fandom with gripping storylines, comeback music videos, and performances.

Groups like BTS, BLACKPINK, Big Bang, etc., are now well known globally. Youths will idolize them and not leave a chance out to become like one. However, it is tough, and there are various steps and obstacles one needs to overcome before accomplishing the title of “Idol.” The first step to this is the auditions. All entertainment agencies take auditions, and it may consist of more than one round, depending on the agency.

Is There Any K-Pop Audition in India 2021?

K-pop group Stray Kids: Credits go to JYP Entertainment.

There aren’t any k-pop auditions taking place in India 2021 offline. But the road to online auditions is open. Agencies such as JYP Entertainment so take foreigners as trainees, and the best thing is you do not need to travel all the way to Korea to give the auditions. You can give it online, sitting in your comfort zone.

All you need to do is search the entertainment agency you want to give auditions for Google and make sure to check if their auditions are open to Non-Koreans or not. For instance, othere are two options available on JYP Entertainment’s official audition page, one for Koreans and one for Non- Koreans. Their website will show online applications where you need to fill in the basic details such as your name, email address, citizenship and country you live in, age and phone number. Also, you need to upload your talent videos there, such as a song sung by you in mp4format, a video clip of you, some photos, and definitely a self-introduction.

For the video clip, you can send showing off your dancing skills, or you can act out anything, or maybe you can show how many poses you can strike in a minute. Lucas of WayV got into SM Entertainment, one of the biggest companies among the BIG 3 entertainments in Korea, just by striking a pose! His position is that of Main Visual.

You need to wait for one month or sometimes for that to get a notification from their side. If, and that is a big if, you are selected for the offline audition, which is the second round, then the agency will provide you with plane tickets for Korea depending on your age. If you are an adult and two tickets, if you are minor, one ticket will bring your guardian with you. You need to perform in front of the judges and the CEO of that same agency; if you crack the auditions, you will receive a paper filled with Terms and Conditions, which you need to sign.

If you like the terms and criteria, they ask you to sign the paper, and voila, the first step towards becoming an idol is achieved. Beware, though, because this is only the beginning, after the clearance of auditions and signing the contract comes the vigorous training period, which requires a lot of mental strength. Sometimes trainees give up due to various harsh training conditions, and sometimes some trainees keep on training for more than 4 years without luck in debut.

There are many scammers online who try to lure in youth, giving them false hopes, information and thus misleading them. So make sure the website you are on is the official website of that particular agency, and do your own research about the agency.

K-Pop Contest 2021: Eligibility, details, and more.

K-pop India Contest 2020 poster: Credits go to KCCI

What if you do not want to give auditions? What if you have talents and love for k-pop, but you want exposure? What if you want to meet people like you who share the same interests? No need to look further because India is hosting the K-Pop contest 2021 this year as well.

K-pop contest is held every year. Auditions for the annual show of K-pop Contest 2021 will be held from May 2021 to June 15, 2021. Korean Cultural Centre India (KCCI) is the organizer for the show. They host a show of singing and dancing every year to give the K-pop fans a chance to shine. It takes place in all the regional places like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, etc., and the final round takes place either in Mumbai or Delhi. There will be three rounds in total. The first is the online round, the second is Regional Round, and the third is Finale.

The following key points should be kept in mind while entering the contest:

  • It would help if you were 14 or more when entering the contest.
  • Only solo entries are allowed.
  • Only Indian residents are allowed to enter. Indians who are living abroad are allowed to participate as well. But for the Indians who are living abroad, if you are chosen for the regional auditions, you have to come to India to proceed further in the show.
  • Participants can take part in more than one category.
  • One entry per category and one video per entry. If you enter your names for one category more than once or send more than one video, you will be disqualified within a blink of the eye.
  • Korean songs are allowed. Or the songs sung by K-pop groups.
  • Videos should not be edited.
  • You are not allowed to play your own instruments.
  • Merging various songs or overlays of songs on the videos is not allowed.
  • If your region is not on the list then you can choose the closest city to you on your application.
  • The face should be clearly visible in the video, and the quality of the video should be HD.
  • The entire K-pop song should be covered.
  • The song selected by the participant should be performed for all the rounds; selection, regional and final.
  • The vocal ability should be 60 %, expression and pronunciation should be 20%, and the other 20% is reserved for the stage charisma.
  • The dancer should have 40% choreography, 30% technique, and 30% stage charisma.

How to enter for the online Round of K-pop India Contest 2021?

BlackPink: Credits go to YG Entertainment.

For an online round of the 2021 K-pop India contest, the following steps should be followed:

  • Visit the official website of K-pop India and fill the online registration form. All the information should be legit; any false information and you will be disqualified.
  • The selection procedure should be read carefully, and then you may shoot a video of your performance.
  • The next step would require you to upload the performance video on YouTube and copy-paste the URL of that video on the box available in the application.

These are all the required steps for the online audition. After this, if you are selected, you need to select your region or the region you are closest to and proceed for the regional round.

How to make the performance video for the K-pop India Contest 2021?

Certain key points should be followed and kept in mind while making the performance video for the K-pop India Contest 2021. Those are:

  • There are only two categories, i.e., singing and dancing. You need to choose a song on which you want to participate.
  • Set the camera at the right angle. Make sure your face, your every move, your stage presence are visible. Shoot the video.
  • You must be inside the camera frame while shooting the video.
  • Do not forget to give the correct facial expressions and strike poses to impress the judges.
  • Post the raw video on YouTube without any editing.

These are all the information you will require for the 2021 K-pop India Contest. Any further updates or information will be posted. Stay tuned with us if you want to stay updated about the latest news of the K-pop India Contest.