Is Tanjiro Stronger than Giyuu? Water Breath Users Compared

Tanjiro stronger than Giyuu
"Do not let others hold the right to decide if you live or die!!" ~Giyuu

Tanjiro is our golden boy in Demon Slayer 2, who is unfolding his amazing secret powers in the Entertainment Arc. He and Nezuko evolved totally evolved during the fight with Daki, who’s turned out to be just a fake Upper-Rank Moon 6. Her brother, Gyuutarou, is the real Upper-Rank Six, and they share the same body. Daki has amazing powers despite being a fake. Her sash is made out of her flesh hence she can manipulate it freely. Tanjiro, originally a Water Breath user, who doesn’t even have a mark of the capability like his dad, used Breath of the Sun to almost defeat Daki before he lost his breath and collapsed after using his new technique.

What would happen if Tanjiro and Gyuutaro fought? Both the boys have been taught under the same master went through the same training, yet Gyuutaro, due to his experience and expertise in Water Breathing technique and Tanjiro, despite knowing all the forms, hasn’t still quite reached the expertise level. However, he has the Hinokami Kagura, the Sun Breathing technique, which is the origin of all the breathing techniques. and this might help in the duel! Here, the question arises that who would win? Water vs. Sun? Experience vs. relentless training? Tanjiro doesn’t even have a scar that Sun Breathin Technique users possess. What we see is a burn mark. Then who would win in a battle? Tanjiro or the Hashira?

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Is Tanjiro stronger than Giyuu?

Giyuu originally found Tanjiro is a pretty tough situation. Nezuko had turned into a demon, and Tanjiro was doing his best to hold her off. That’s when he helped Tanjiro, but he recognized the potential of the brother and sister duo because Nezuko tried to protect Tanjiro from Giyuu and Tanjiro despite being weak, had strategically used an axe which almost hit Giyuu. Hence, Giyuu directed Tanjiro to his teacher, Sakonji. Hence, Sakonji is the master of both Tanjiro and Giyuu and taught them how to use the Water Breathing Technique. Giyuu trained and made his skills better that’s why his Water Breathing Technique is so fast and silent that Lower Moon 5, Rui was defeated in a second, whereas Tanjiro and Nezuko, even together had difficulty in fighting him. Giyuu killed him, and it felt like he did it too effortlessly.

Therefore, he’s definitely someone who might be able to defeat Tanjiro if only Water Breathing Techniques are used. In this aspect, Giyuu is stronger and a brilliant Hashira. It’s natural that he would be able to defeat a beginner like Tanjiro. Giyuu’s sleek moves and fast-moving style with a calm demeanor make him a great fighter. In the first season, Giyuu is stronger than Tanjiro, but Tanjiro seems to get stronger every day, as shown in season 2 where he gets a fever while trying to master Hinokami Kagura, The Sun Breathing Technique, which is the most compelling technique from where all the other Breathing Techniques emerged.

Tanjiro stronger than Giyuu
“Go back and train harder fool!!” ~Giyuu

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Will Tanjiro be able to defeat Giyuu if he uses Sun Breathing Technique?

There’s a high probability that Tanjiro would be stronger than Giyuu if he uses Sun Breathing Techniques against him. The Sun Breathing Technique makes him a lot stronger, faster, and more elastic in movement. Tanjiro still has a long way to go, he’s just 15 years old, and if one day he’s able to master Sun Breathing Technique properly, he would definitely be able to defeat any Hashira pretty easily.

Hinokami Kagura, aka Sun Breathing Technique, was originally taught to Tanjiro by his dad, and it’s also known as Dance of the Fire God. His dad used to do this dance at festivals. This dance was a Breathing Technique in disguise. Sun Breathing Technique and the Hanafuda earrings are passed on to Tanjiro hence even Muzan is able to recognize them. The breathing technique used in this dance allows the user to never get tired, no matter how long they do it, making it seem as if they can dance forever. If and when Tanjiro masters this technique, he will definitely be stronger than Giyuu.

Tanjiro stronger than Giyuu
“Breathe all the way into my fingertips! Meditation boosts concentration.” ~Tanjiro

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