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Is Summer Walker Cheating? Boosie Badazz Allegedly Cheated Her Ex-Boyfriend!

Is Summer Walker Cheating?
Singer Summer Walker

Summer Walker had garnered quite the attention not only for her songs but also for her on and off relationship with her ex-boyfriend. So, is Summer Walker cheating? Recently, another rapper alleged her cheating on her ex-boyfriend after she posted a photo with her new boyfriend and her getting names tattoos on their face. The rapper’s allegations came after her new boyfriend said how they knew each other in 2014. Well, the real case is still unknown. Walker has always been public about her relationship, whether be it with her present or ex-boyfriend.

There are no proofs or anything like that to hint that Walker was cheating with her ex-boyfriend. Furthermore, she came into a new relationship only after her split. It definitely, does not amounts to cheating. The relationship of Summer with her ex-boyfriend is no secret since 2019 with their messy breakup. She also broke up with him after bashing him along with his ex-girlfriends. Walker also shares a daughter with her ex-boyfriend. Her most recently released album talks all about her relationship and split with her ex-boyfriend. 

Is Summer Walker Cheating?

It is rumored recently that Summer Walker cheated on her ex-boyfriend, London on da Act. The allegations came after a photo of Summer getting matching tattoos with her boyfriend goes viral. Summer has been in an on-and-off relationship with London since 2019. However, the ex-couple broke up this year with Summer alleging that he cheated on her. She also mentioned how he was not there with her during her pregnancy. Then, fast forward, and she came into a new relationship with whom she went public in August 2021.

Summer Walker rumours on cheating

Singer Summer Walker gets name tattoos with her boyfriend, LVRD Pharoah

Furthermore, Summer has always been public about her new relationship. Her new beau, LVRD Pharoah, claims how they go way back, and he is not a stranger to her. In fact, she also mentions how the relationship with Pharoah is so different. Then, the pair displayed their matching name tattoo photos. The same goes viral, with many reacting and commenting on it. Pharaoh also put up an Instagram story stating how he is not the new boo as they have been together since 2014. After that, Boosie Badazz comes and interferes that Summer was cheating on London as there is an overlapping of her relationship with London and Pharaoh.

Summer Walker’s No Response to Cheating Rumours

Summer Walker has not yet responded to the cheating claims of Boosie Badazz. But, she is fully going on with her life. Her ex-boyfriend, London, also threatened her after she moved in her life with her new boyfriend. It is still not known if Summer Walker cheated on her ex-boyfriend or not. It could be the fact that Summer and Pharaoh knew each other since 2014 and were good friends. Also, they could have had a fling for each other in the past. But, the singer does not have any cheating rumors or proof throughout her relationship with Pharoah.

Summer Walker’s New Album is All About her Ex, London on da Track

Summer Walker released a new album, Still Over It, on November 05, 2021. It seems heartbreak is the album’s main theme, with her exploring on and off relationship with her ex-boyfriend, London on da Track. Summer, in her opening song, claims about the father of her child cheating and being unfaithful. Her fourth track states how he is a heartbreaker, liar, deceiver, and cheater. Furthermore, she would not allow him to come back into her life. In another one of her tracks, she sings about her relationship beginning and how it got doomed since then. She also regrets allowing her ex repeatedly to come back into her life.

Summer Walking Cheating

Singer Summer Walker with her ex-boyfriend, London on da Act

The singer expressed her thoughts over the album to Apple Music. She stated how people should take this opportunity to learn from her mistakes. One does not have to guess if something is love as it gets shown through actions. People have to stop making excuses for those who do not show up. One should not ignore the red flags. No one should think that they have to stay somewhere because one could not find better. However, a person can and will get better. Also, one should not settle for less.

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