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Is Servant Season 3 Happening?

Is Servant Season 3 Happening?
Still From Servant Season 2 (Credits: Apple TV+)

Apple TV+’s psychological drama Servant debuted in 2019. It quickly garnered rave reviews and praise from the audience and critics alike. Especially for its dark environment, thrills, and dark humor. Tony Basgallop created the series delving deep into the story of a mourning couple who just lost their child. Soon the mother makes her world using a life-like reborn doll, hoping it’s real. Things started messing up soon, a nanny is hired by the mother to take care of her doll. Thus, a dark journey begins. The show stars Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, Nell Tiger Free, and Rupert Grint, delivering some brilliant performances for the dark environment of the series.

Apple TV+’s Servant has run for two seasons now since its debut in November of 2019. Both seasons consisting of 10 episodes each. The psychological drama recently wrapped up its second season run on March 19, 2021. The show managed to have subsequent audiences keeping up with the pace, which is a slow burn but indeed intriguing. After two successful seasons garnering utmost praise, the question remains. Servant will return for a third consecutive season. So here we are, breaking down everything we know about Servant Season 3.

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Is Servant Season 3 Happening?

Yes, Apple TV+ has confirmed the renewal of Servant for a third season. The  OTT platform renewed the show for a third consecutive season run, way back before the second season even began. A much similar move the platform performed during the second season of Servant which was also announced before the show premiered in November of 2019.

Is Servant Season 3 Happening?

Still From Servant (Credits: Apple TV+)

Apple TV+ is keeping tabs on all of its successful shows. Especially the ones that leave quite an impact on the audience. A much similar move was made for other shows such as ‘For All Mankind,’ ‘Dickinson’ and ‘Ted Lasso’. All of them, along with Servant, received early renewals.

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Servant Season 3 Release Date

There is no release date for Servant Season 3 currently. Talking about it, reports suggest the writers of the show have already started working on it. They are in the early stages of figuring out the narration for the story, which will continue for the show in Season 3. The second season of Servant arrived a year later the series premiered with its first season run. But, keeping the pandemic in mind, the series could end its production in late 2021 probably. So we can expect Servant Season 3 somewhere in the early or mid-2022. That’s our best bet.

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Previously On Servant

Since the first season, we have come a lot far in Apple TV+’s Servant. The first season established the characters, whereas the second season saw their history playing its part. We expect to see more of the history lessons and how they affect the characters in the third season of Servant. Keeping that in mind, Servant Season 2 saw the Turners and their journey to look for Jericho. Plus, how it affected them mentally and emotionally. Also, the cult constantly tried to interfere there and influence them into making decisions. They tried to make the couple believe Leanne needs to be taken back.

Is Servant Season 3 Happening?

Still From Servant Season 2 (Credits: Apple TV+)

Leanne, on the other hand, is not someone to hold back. Her powers are not easy to deal with. Thus, it is not easy to be taken back at someone else’s will. Dorothy meets some satisfaction, though, with Jericho’s return. Dorothy brings Jericho to integrate into the Turner Family. But there is more to be seen.

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Servant Season 3 Expected Plot

Okay, although we have some insight into where Leanne comes from. There is a lot we don’t know about. The second season built what havoc she and her powers could be. So Servant Season 3 might explore more about Leanne’s origins, her history, and her powers. The cult also, on the other hand, might not look to hold back. Especially after Leanne killed Josephine. They have always seen her as a force that needs to be stopped. We might see them returning for Leanne again. Furthermore, a new family member Jericho has joined in. Who is he? Where he comes from? All remains to be seen in Servant Season 3.

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The Cast Expected To Return In Servant Season 3

We are expecting a majority of names to return for Servant Season 3. Especially the turner family and Leanne, who are the obvious ones. So Lauren Ambrose and Toby Kebbell might return to reprise the roles as the Philadelphia couples Dorothy and Toby Kebbell. Nell Tiger Free playing the character that everyone has eyes on Leanne, might return to reprise her role. Rupert Grint could also join in as Dorothy’s brother Julian.

Is Servant Season 3 Happening?

Still From Servant Season 2 (Credits: Apple TV+)

Apart from them, the supporting cast who played important roles for Servant might make their presence felt again. We are talking about Boris McGiver and Alison Elliott, who might return to portray the roles of Uncle George and Aunt May.

Anyway, the first two seasons of Servant are available to stream on Apple TV+. For further updates related to Servant Season 3 and everything revolving around entertainment, TV shows, anime, movies, and gaming, stay tuned to Otakukart.

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