Is Sarah Palin Divorced? Former Alaskan Governor Dining Outdoors Unvaccinated After Testing Positive!

Is Sarah Palin Divorced?
Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin had been happily married for more than thirty years. So, is Sarah Palin divorced currently? Well, it has been some time since the former vice presidential candidate got divorced. However, her divorce was rather a quiet one and people came to know about it after a few months of her split. The divorce got filed by her husband before ten months of the finalization of the divorce. Neither Sarah nor her husband has spoken anything about the reasons for their divorce to date. In fact, there were several speculations even before their divorce that they were having some problems in their marraige.

The former Alaska Governor said once in 2019, after the filing of the divorce that their marriage is not over yet. Her ex-husband filed the divorce a week after their 31st anniversary. It was not easy for her to talk to about the divorce, which devastated her. She thought she got shot after hearing the news. Sarah talked about her being hurt, and she does not know what could hurt more except for a child’s death. It was the only time that she talked about her divorce officially in an interview. 

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Is Sarah Palin Divorced?

Yes, Sarah Palin is divorced. It has been almost two years since her divorce rumours started. The former Alaskan Governor’s divorce took place on March 23, 2020, according to a court official of Akaska. She was married to her husband Todd Palin, for almost thirty years and shared five children with him. It was in 2019 when her husband initiated and filed for divorce from her. He gave temperament incompatibility as the reason for the couple to continue together as husband and wife. Her husband wanted joint custody of their last son, Trig, considering his down syndrome. Other than that, he wanted only their assets to be fairly divided between them. There was no mention of child support in the court documents.

Sarah Palin's Divorce
Sarah Palin with her husband, Todd Palin

Why Did Sarah Palin Got Divorced?

The exact reasons for Sarah Palin’s divorce are still unknown as neither she nor her ex-husband has explicitly spoken about it. It was only her ex-husband, Todd Palin, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason. But, is it so the case? The ex-couple had decades back found themselves to be surrounded with speculations taking their relationship. However, they have always maintained their relationship in public and denied having problems. One of the reasons for their divorce could be fame taking a toll on their relationship. 

Todd had always remained out of public eyes, unlike his wife. There were claims about him being a cold-hearted person throughout their long years of marriage. He even informed his wife of the divorce through an email. Apart from that, there were cheating rumours from both sides for ten years. But, both of them claimed all of that as lies. There were even claims in a book about the former governor doing drugs and having affairs with one of the business partners of Todd. Likewise, the same is the case for her former husband, Todd Palin. 

Is Sarah Palin Married?
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin indoor dining in Elios’ restuarant

Sarah Palin Dining Outdoors Unvaccinated After Testing Positive

Sarah Palin is creating quite the headlines after she got spotted dining at several restaurants in New York after testing positive for Coronavirus. Furthermore, the vice-presidential candidate for the Republican party is yet to get vaccinated. Sarah got seen dining inside at Elio’s, the restaurant of Upper East Side on January 22, 2021, despite the rules of the city regarding the requirement of vaccination proof from indoor guests. But, the restaurant’s manager has claimed about making mistake for Sarah’s Saturday visit.

Now, she got seen dining at the same restaurant outdoors last Wednesday. Before that, she also got spotted eating at Campagnola on Tuesday night. The former Alaskan Governor had tested positive for Coronavirus on Monday and also confirmed it. She stated in December 2021 that it would be over her ready body that she will have to get a shot. Sarah mentioned she will not do that, and she won’t do it, and they better not touch her kids either. Meanwhile, city officials had urged her to follow the rules of Covid just like all other people. 

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