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Is Rust Pre-Order Beta Available on Consoles?

Rust Console Edition Featured
Rust Cover Image

Facepunch Studios’ popular survival game Rust came out in 2013, and it became one of the popular survival games out there in no time. From 2013 to 2018, it was in early access mode. In 2018, the game finally got its full release on Microsoft Windows and macOS. The game wasn’t built for consoles initially, but with an increase in popularity, the game is finally getting its port for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The game will be launched as a beta initially—no full release yet for the consoles. Let us have a look at all the details we know about the game, like its beta release date and the features which will be present in the console version of this survival game. Well, if you don’t know what Rust is, then have a look at the trailer below and get a basic idea about the game.

Rust Trailer

As you can see, the game is all about survival. It is a sandbox-type game. You start on a barren island naked. Then you cut down trees, break rocks, build a place to live, find ways to get clothes, and so on. As you get comfortable living alone peacefully, the socialization part kicks in. It is a place where the best survives. Make friends and plan raids on other villages or communities. Build your community or your base and be the strongest out there. Players also battle out for a special drop which lands in the game. That is a fun part of the game, though, where everyone fights each other in the open.

The game starts as a peaceful exploration and soon turns into a survival hell where you need great planning to live.

Rust On Consoles

There will be some changes to the game on the console version. As well all know a game on PC and on the console are never the same. Some games have minor differences, and some have major. Rust is somewhere between them. First of all, there will be a drop in the performance of the game; there won’t be features like horse riding, gestures, and a few more which makes the game a bit more fun. Not anything crucial is missing, though. There will be a slight difference in the graphics too.


This is one of the biggest things in the beta release. No NDA means you can stream your beta gameplay on any platform and make content. If you haven’t bought the beta for console and still want to see how the game feels like, you will find tons of content creators who will be making gameplay videos on this. So this is a positive for the Rust Gaming community.

Rust Pre-Order Release Date

So when is it coming out then? The dates are different for both the consoles. On Playstation 4, the Pre-Order Beta has started already on April 23rd. Talking about Xbox One, the beta on this console was delayed, but due to some reason, it got launched on April 23rd itself. There wasn’t any statement made by the developers for this decision.

Looking at the end date, the Playstation 4 Pre-order has an end date of 6th May 2021. So you have around 15 days of gameplay time. The developers haven’t released an end date for the Xbox console yet. As the launch date was delayed for Xbox, it was expected that the end date would also be delayed, but the launch date ended up being the same as the Ps4 one. So we are expecting the end date of the beta on Xbox One to be May 6, 2021, too.

Rust Shotgun

Player firing a Shotgun

Talking about the official game release, the full game will launch on 21st May 2021. Unlike the PC version, fans don’t have to wait for years to get their hands on the full game launch here. That is a great thing indeed.

Pricing and Availability

Not everyone can play this beta, though. You can play the beta of this game only if you have purchased the Ultimate Edition or the Deluxe Edition of the game. If you have bought the normal edition, then you will have to wait for 15 days more till the full game launches. The Ultimate Edition is priced at £64.99/$79.99, and the Deluxe edition is priced at £49.99/$59.99. So spend some extra bucks for beta gameplay or just wait and save money. The decision is in your hands.

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