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Is Prime Gaming Available in India & How To Use it?

Is Prime Gaming Available in India
Prime Gaming

Is Prime Gaming available in India? The gaming industry has come a long way. Once Upon a time, gaming was just in way of relaxing or spending free time, especially for kids. However, now things are different, as it is not only limited to kids but also is a full-fledged career path for many. Nowadays, you can be a professional gamer, where you can take part in professional gaming competitions. Further, you can become a streamer and stream your games online on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

As the gaming community is growing so much. Many big-name companies are looking at it as a field for blooming business. After the success of the live streaming platform Twitch, many companies like YouTube and Facebook launched their versions for game streaming. Later, companies like Google and Apple also launched their variants like Google Stadia and Apple Arcade. However, Amazon Prime Gaming is recently making quite a name these days with its appealing offers. In this article, we will talk about whether or not Prime Gaming is available in India.

What is Amazon Prime Gaming?

Amazon added a benefit to their Amazon Prime plan, which is Prime Gaming. However, it is nothing more than rebranding Twitch Prime. Twitch is a live streaming platform released in 2011. Later, Amazon bought Twitch for US$970 million. Twitch offered a prime subscription, which allowed the user to get access to premium content on a Twitch channel and also get perks like special emoticons, badges, and more on those channels. It also offered some special in-game items for prime subscribers.



Thus, Amazon Prime Gaming is just the rebranding of Twitch Prime. Therefore, it will have the perks of Twitch Prime, like access to premium content on Twitch channels. Also, you will not only get some free in-game items, but you can also get free games with the plan. Also, it might be many high-tier games for a limited time period. Further, Prime Gaming will also provide large discounts on big titles like Assassin’s Creed and Resident Evil. Also, the Twitch streamers can store their past stream broadcasts for 60 days instead of the standard 14 days.

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Is Prime Gaming available for Indian Gamers?

Prime Gaming is a new addition to Amazon’s Prime Plan, and thus you don’t need to get an additional subscription to Prime Gaming. If someone already has Amazon Prime, they will get Prime Gaming with Prime Video and Prime Music. Prime Gaming is available in over 200 countries like America, Australia, Japan, and United Kingdom. However, gamers living in India might not get the same features from Amazon Prime as the other countries.

Prime Gaming is still not available in India. Therefore, Indian Gamers won’t be able to get free games or large discounts on games with their Amazon Prime subscriptions. Indian gamers could only watch movies, web series and listen to music with their Amazon Prime subscription. However, Amazon is not turning a blind eye to the gaming community in India. As they have noticed the amount of growth in gamers since the launch of Reliance Jio and also with the release of games like BGMI, Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile, and Genshin Impact. In July 2021, Twitch even revealed localized plans for Indian Twitch Streamers.

Prime Gaming

Prime Gaming

Previously, Indian Twitch Streamers had to get the Twitch subscriptions in USD. However, localizing the prices has brought down the prices to a reasonable cost. Thus, it might attract more users to Twitch. As the gaming community is growing in India. It doesn’t feel like it would take much time before Indian gamers could also use perks like redeeming free games and large discounts on big titles from their Amazon Prime subscription.

Also, many Indian gamers might wonder about getting access to Prime Gaming by using a VPN. But sorry to disappoint you, because you won’t be able to use the VPN to access prime gaming in India. Prime Gaming is included in the Amazon Prime subscription, which is different for every country. Therefore, Indian users will have their prime access to Amazon Prime for India, and that doesn’t include Prime Gaming. So, for now, all Indian Gamers can wait for any official announcement, or you can sign ongoing petitions to get Prime Gaming in India.

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