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Is Nicole TV Pregnant Again? Meme Mom’s Personal Life

Is Nicole TV Pregnant Again
Nicole TV

Is Nicole TV Pregnant Again? What do we know about her partner and her fame? Starting from the beginning, she is originally known as Kayla Nicole Jones. Those who are very much into social media and loves watching comedy videos must be aware of her. Popularly known as Nicole TV, is an American comedian, social media influencer, and model. Besides working on funny, interesting videos, she also excels in singing. Some of her famous singles are- Bundles, Move Like A Snake, Recuperate, and many more about which we will discuss later on. She also posts videos on beauty tips.

Gaining a massive fan base on the social media platforms, everyone is wondering, Is Nicole TV Pregnant Again? This calls for the discussion of his partner. Well, Nicole TV is engaged to the love of her life. Those who don’t know must be wondering who is he. Well, you must dig into this article till the end to know more about Nicole TV’s pregnancy details and love life.

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Nicole TV Relationship Status

We all know that Nicole TV is engaged to her partner. This is because the young comedian has made it to the public via her Instagram account in August 2020. Her partner is Luhkye, who is a musician and rapper. Both of them have equal same interests in music, and that’s binding them together so well. Nicole TV is blissfully living with his fiance.

Is Nicole TV Pregnant Again

Nicole TV being pregnant, with her fiance Luhkye

Is Nicole TV Pregnant Again? Pregnancy Details

Well, it’s a big No. Nicole TV is not pregnant twice, and at present, she is not expecting any child.

This calls for her first-time pregnancy details. It was on 15 October 2020, when Nicole TV made the news of her, being seven months pregnant, on her Instagram account. The post was showered with loads of good wishes from her fans, friends, and family. The due time was December. However, along with her partner, Luhkye, she welcomed their first child, a son, on 1 February 2021. The couple named him Messiah Kaylon Ni’Colby. After a few days, this baby is going to turn two years, and we can’t wait to see the pictures of his birthday celebration. In an interview, Nicole TV confessed that her son is the best thing that ever happened to her to date.

Is Nicole TV Pregnant Again

Nicole TV’s first child, Messiah

Overall, the Internet sensation Nicole TV is enjoying her days with her fiance and son. We will update this section if anything similar to this happens anytime soon.

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Nicole TV Career Fame & Personal Details

Besides knowing Is Nicole TV Pregnant twice, fans also want to know some of her notable work credits and personal details. Here are what we know!

How Old Is She? Height & Weight

The young funny social media influencer Nicole TV was born on 26 May 2001. That makes her 21 years old as in January 2022. Her real name is Kayla Nicole Jones. Often known as Meme Queen, she was born in Montgomery, Alabama, United States. As far as her height and weight are concerned, Nicole TV is 5’8″ feet tall and weighs 55 Kg.

Is Nicole TV Pregnant Again

Nicole TV

Notable Work

As a singer, Nicole TV’s notable singles include- Bundles (2021), Move Like A Snake (2019), SMA (2021), Recuperate (2019), Think About Me (2020), Hurt People Hurt People, Late Nights, Vendetta, and few more. She also gained fame for her viral comedic sketches. Some of them are- Single Mom Routine and The Ponytail Goes to School. Not only on Instagram, but she also runs a Youtube channel where she keeps posting funny comic videos. If you haven’t watched any, here is a video attached below. Her videos can make anyone laugh out loud anytime, anywhere. As of now, it has crossed over 5.42 million subscribers.

Besides these platforms, she also has a Tiktok account where she posts videos on beauty tips, fashion reels, and so on. In short, she is quite successful as a comedian. At present, she is a mother of one, and thus wishing her good luck for her motherhood and surely for her work.

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