Is Granolah Stronger Than Goku? Full Comparison Between Goku And Granolah Power Level

Is Granolah Stronger Than Goku?

Dragon Ball is one of the most popular series exists on this planet. It features Goku and his friends, who are tremendously popular across the globe. This series often features powerful opponents and challenges for Goku and his friends. This anime is inspire us to push our limits and become better as we were on yesterday. The attitude of never giving up is the best thing about the Dragon Ball series. Recently, the Dragon Ball series introduced a new challenge for Goku and Vegeta known as Granolah. In this article, we will discuss everything about Granolah and see how much power he is? Is he powerful than Goku? Let’s find out.

Dragon Ball Super is a manga-based anime series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. The series revolves around the major protagonist of the show Goku who belongs to the alien race called Saiyans. He tragedically arrived on Earth and was eventually adopted by a human named Son Gohan. As he grew up, He developed feelings for this beautiful planet, Earth. He trained under the guidance of Master Roshi initially and became a fighter to protect the earth from outsiders. He defeated many tough opponents as he grows up and pushed his limits to become better than ever. He transformed into Super-Saiyan to defeat one of the toughest guys, Frieza, and saved Earth and Namekians. Other baddies who faced defeat at the hands of Goku are Kid Buu, Jigen, Broly, etc. In the Dragon Ball Super series, He trained under the Gods and Angels himself. Now let’s come to our main topic.

Every Detail You Need To Know About Goku:

First, It is very important to know every important detail about Goku and his power level before coming straight to comparison. Goku originally belongs to the Planet Vegeta and was used to classify as a low-class saiyajin. King Vegeta discriminated a lot with these low-class saiyajins and forced them to live their lives in disgrace. After the raid of Frieza on the planet, Bardock, The father of Goku, departed Goku on a spaceship towards Earth and died at the hands of Frieza.

On Earth, Goku trained under several people and learned that Saiyajins don’t have any power limits. He decided to become stronger than ever to save Earth from upcoming threats. Even though he looks like an adult, He is still naive and has a child-like personality. He eats a lot and enjoys fighting with tough opponents. He never says No to training and doesn’t act fake in front of people. Even in front of Zeno Sama, The Strongest being in the whole Universe, He acted casually and amazed every God present there.

Is Granolah Stronger Than Goku?

Everything You Need To Know About Granolah:

Now let’s talk about the most recent foe for Goku and Vegeta. Granolah is the sole survivor of the Cerealien race who got murdered by the Saiyajin Army and the bounty hunters employed by Heeters. He couldn’t withstand this scene and decided to avenge his people from Frieza and the entire Saiyajin race. Just like Goku, He wanted to become the strongest guy in the Universe, but the reason behind his aim was completely different from Goku. He is the most important character of the Granolah: The Survivor Saga arc and is a major challenge for Goku and Vegeta. Granolah deeply loves his people and can do anything for them. Just like Frieza, Granolah underestimates his opponents and considers him the strongest one out there.

Is Granolah Stronger Than Goku?

Who Is Stronger? Goku Or Granolah:

Now let’s come to our main question, Who is Stronger? Goku or Granolah. We know that Dragon Ball is famous for its powerful villains and surpassing the limits of power level. Every other villain that comes after the previous one is powerful than before and a tough challenge for Goku. In Dragon Ball Super, Jigen almost cornered every other guy on the stage and even surpassed God of Destruction. If we talk about Goku and Granolah, Granolah is currently surpassing Goku in power level. Goku even transformed into Ultra Instinct and land some heavy attacks on Granolah, but Granolah’s power level was not coming down. Goku needs to push a little hard to beat Granolah.

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