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Is Doctor Stranger K-Drama Season 2 in Production?

Updates on Doctor Strange season 2
K-Drama Doctor Strange

Will there be Doctor Stranger K-Drama Season 2 on Netflix? This is the most frequent question asked these days. Recently the first season of Doctor Stranger started premiering on Netflix. That raises the question there will be Doctor Stranger season 2 in the first place or not. AS of now, no updates about the drama have been released yet. The production hasn’t stated anything about the renewal of the drama. But surely no statement can be given since we have often seen K-Drama returning on floors with their second season. Like Eulachacha Waikiki, but the cast and the crew are often changed. So, let’s did deep into the topic of the renewal of the show.

The first season premiered long back in 2014 and was a huge hit. It was successful enough that the people to date remember each and every fact about the show. The first season of the show had a total of 20 episodes. Due to the involvement of the North Korean content in the drama, it was hugely famous in both China as well as North Korea. Though it didn’t air officially on the North Korean country yet, people streamed it somehow. It was so very popular in China that it was also in talks that the drama may be released theatrically as well. The drama aired on the original network SBS every Monday and Tuesday. With the duration of each episode to be approx 60 min. The drama was also popularly known as Dakteo Yibangin.

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Plot Analysis of Doctor Stranger Season 2

Doctor Strange season 2

The cast of the K-drama Doctor Stranger

As of now, no official statement from the production has arrived yet about season 2. The plot of the first season of the show revolved around four main characters. Park Hoon, Song Jae Hee, Oh Soo Hyun, and Han Jae Joon. As the title of the show suggests, they all are doctors who work in a hospital. Park Hoon was a doctor from North Korea. When Park Hoon was a child, he, along with his father, was kidnapped and taken to North Korea. Since his father was a genius doctor, he further trained his son to become like him, and hence he became a genius doctor too.

After a sudden incident in Park, Hoon fleed back to South Korea and started working as a heart surgeon just like his father. In South Korea, he started working in the topmost, Myeongwoo University Hospital. He has a love angle with the doctor Song Jae Hee. He knew Song Jae Hee from before and vowed to reunite with her. In the top-notch hospital, there is already tough competition among doctors. Doctors Oh Soo Hyun and Han Jae Joon are part of the same hospital. If Doctor Stranger returns, it will return with the story involving new cases and new plots, but will the cast be the same as well or not couldn’t be started yet. Since the drama left on a good note without much cliffhanging, hence chances are more that the second season of Doctor stranger may never return.

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Release Date of Doctor Stranger Season 2

Doctor Stranger season 2 upadtes

A Still from the K-Drama Doctor Stranger

As of now, no release date of the Doctor Stranger Season 2 has been announced by the production. Yet, any new updates on the same will be given here as a priority. The first season of the drama aired on 5th May 2014 and went off the air on July 8th, 2021. With a total of 20 episodes, the drama aired on the original network SBS every Monday and Tuesday. When the new season airs haven’t been revealed yet. Starring Lee Jong Suk, Jin Se Yeon, Kang So Ra, and Park Hae Jin lead roles, the drama was a hit back then and successfully captivated the hearts of many.

Where to Watch Doctor Stranger

Since the original network of the drama was SBS, so it is, of course, easily available on the online site of the network, SBS World. Along with that, the drama is also Streaming internationally on the international streaming site Netflix. The drama is also available on streaming sites like Viki, along with more than 60 subtitles. The genres of the drama include medical. thriller, romance, and drama.

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