Is Cardi B Expecting Again? The Rumors Spread once More

Is Cardi B Pregnant Again?
Is Cardi B Pregnant Again?

Cardi B and Offset have provided their fans with many interesting gossips! And now her pregnancy is taking it over. So, is Cardi B pregnant? Well, when it comes to them, you won’t be disappointed. We’ll make sure that you’re open to all their whereabouts. The duo never failed to create their identity as a power couple. Moreover, Cardi’s first pregnancy caused a huge media firestorm! It was all over the news and the internet. Within an instant, the professional rapper became a trending topic overnight. Everybody started resharing and gossiping about her posts. Well yes! It’s the Cardi B way.

The beloved couple were overwhelmed to announce the arrival of their firstborn Kulture. Cardi never revealed her pregnancy through the usual old-school way. She always had to do something different. So even at the time of her first pregnancy, she stepped out with her reveal at the Saturday Night Live show. As of now, Kulture turned three in July 2021. Before confirming her first pregnancy, she denied numerous rumors, only to confirm it through her live performance. This, in turn, has given more hype to another pregnancy rumor of Cardi B? Will she reveal it her way? So, is Cardi B pregnant again?

Is Cardi B Pregnant Again?

As of now, Cardi B is not pregnant. Moreover, the professional rapper gave birth to her second child recently in September 2021. Cardi B revealed the arrival of his son through her official Instagram handle. On September 4, Cardi B welcomed her newborn baby, and she shared this news after two days. All her fans were extremely happy for her. Moreover, Cardi B used her extra way to reveal her second pregnancy too. She revealed her pregnancy through her live performance at the BET Awards. Until then, she didn’t talk about her pregnancy at all.

Cardi B had her second child on September 4 2021
Cardi B (left) and Offset (right)

Yet again, Cardi shocked everyone with her revelation. Since then, she has been constantly updating everyone with all the whereabouts of her pregnancy. Before her due date, Cardi shared a lot of pictures wherein she proudly showed her baby bump to her fans. Moreover, she talked about her experience in several interviews, she shared the fact that they’re really happy to meet their son. The couple were longing to meet their baby boy for a long time. From the very start, Cardi always considered her son as a lucky charm for her. She has been experiencing a lot of good things lately.

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And as per the rapper, it’s because of the new baby. She knew that there is much more to this pregnancy. Cardi was sure that she was about to start a new journey in her life. These statements have caused a lot of excitement in the minds of her fans. Even BET awards shared their official statement through their Twitter handle, wherein they talked about Cardi’s slaying performance. Cardi didn’t reveal any other detail about the baby. All her fans are waiting patiently for the rapper to reveal the first look of her child. Maybe they’ll share his name and snap soon!

A Break In The Rapper’s Relationship

Cardi and Offset married each other in the year 2017. Since then, the couple been having a strong relationship with each other. But soon, things started to take a different turn. As multiple problems started surfacing between the couple. Well, there were numerous reports about Offset’s infidelity. The duo tried to maintain their marriage, but some things were unmanageable for Cardi. So she filed for an official divorce in 2018. But Cardi soon cleared out all the things and stated the right facts behind their divorce. The rapper revealed that she just wanted to get over the unnecessary arguments.

Cardi revealed her pregnancy through 2021 BET awards
Cardi B (left) and Offset (right)

According to Cardi, she wanted to carry on with their lives individually. So, to be more precise, all the rumors about Offset were partially true. But as time went on, the couple decided to mend back their relationship, and soon they arrived at a conclusion together. And also gave another chance to their life as a married couple. Cardi also stated that many women were upset with her decision, but according to her, everybody has got their way of handling a relationship. So as of now, the couple is on good terms, and things are working out between them.

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