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Is Bell Bottom Based on Ajit Doval? The Real Life Story Behind the Film

Bell Bottom, a superhit film based on a true story. The theme of the film is thriller and mystery. The movie is directed with the name BELL BOTTOM" in which the lead actor is Akshay Kumar. The movie has no relation with the pants, but the BELL BOTTOM was the code name given to him. This movie is not completely based on true events, but the situation in which India has been shown is quite similar. There is another evidence by which we can say that the movie is part of 1984 hijacking through the prime minister shown as Indira Gandhi.

The movie is linked to the Khalistan movement, where a section of the Sikh Community demanded a separate country.  Akshay Kumar is shown as an undercover agent just like Ajit Dovel was in real life. The director Ranjit M. Tiwari of the movie BELL BOTTOM confirmed in an interviewed character of Indira Gandhi was written purposely. As her presence in the movie was necessary, which was played accurately by Lara Dutta as she knew that she is the only person at that time who could fix the national crisis once and for all. We can easily see the movie shows the time of the 1980s. Even though most of the characters are fictional, the spirit they carry cannot be ignored.

As already mentioned, it is not a complete remake of the 1984 hijacking, but the movie took inspiration from other hijackings in the 1980s as well. This was considered the longest hijack in Indian history with over 36 hours.

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Who Is The Ajit Doval?

Ajit Doval, who was born in 1945, is the youngest police officer in India to get the Kirti Chakrameritorious service medal, which is given to military men for bravery. Doval began his career as an IPS officer in 1968. Ajit Doval went undercover in Pakistan for over eight years, gathering intelligence on the terrorist organizations that were active at the time. Doval was also successful in obtaining the information needed for " Operation Blue Star," a 1984 operation intended at stifling Khalistaniterrorists. Due to a rise in the number of militants in Kashmir in 1990, Doval went there, persuaded everyone, and prepared the way for the 1996 elections in Jammu and Kashmir. He was an active field intelligence officer for most of his career. He holds a strict reputation for taking down Militancy and terrorism.

ajit doval

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VIF, His Foundation

He is the founder of the Vivekananda International Foundation after his retirement in 2009. This foundation deals in studying deeply and researching thoroughly. It is an independent organization with no interference from any political party. He played a crucial role as one of the three negotiators in the release of passengers from the hijacked IC-814 in Kandahar in 1999. He successfully terminated a minimum of 15 hijackings between 1971 and 1999. One
of the hijackings did in 1984 by nine people who hijacked Flight 405 that was scheduled from Srinagar to Delhi was forced to land in Lahore, based on this hijack.

The Ultimate Achievement

It was reported that the ultimate objective of the hijackers was to direct the flight in the direction of the USA but their plan failed and they had to land in Dubai where they surrendered to UAE authorities after 14 hours of negotiation. All the negotiations from India were done by Ajit Doval. While the movie was released in where various countries. There are countries such as UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar that banned its release. The reason is reported as historical inaccuracies.

RAW(Research and Analysis Wing) have to hide their real identities due to their work. This is why they do not get public recognition. Akshay Kumar is portrayed as Anshul Malhotra, a RAW agent, but the character is fictional but it does resemble the real heroes fighting with nations for their nation without caring about the consequences even after their death. In 2014, as per record, 46 Indian nurses were trapped in a hospital in Tikrit, Iraq. Ajit Doval went undercover in Iraq on a top-secret mission. He took a risk just to inspect the position of the ground and made good connections with the Iran government. Not even days passed, All the nurses were brought back to India without reporting any casualty.

bell bottom

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