Is Alison Hammond Pregnant Currently? This Morning’s Presenter Exclusive Baby News!

Is Alison Hammond Pregnant?
This Morning Presenter Alison Hammond

Alison Hammond, the presenter of This Morning, shared exclusive baby news last week. So, is Alison Hammond pregnant currently? Unfortunately, she is not. But, she did share baby news with her co-presenter in the show. The baby news is one of their co-workers. However, Alison has now and then expressed her wanting to have more children in her family. She spoke in October regarding her regrets about not having more children. The presenter still has lots of love to give to more children.

Hammond currently has one son, which she shared with her cab driver ex-husband. In fact, the presenter offered to be a surrogate for co-star Sharon Marshall amidst her struggle for conceiving. Sharon spoke highly of Alison, saying she has the most beautiful soul and is very gorgeous. Indeed, the presenter loves children very much. Also, she had thought of adoption and dreams about it. 

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Is Alison Hammond Pregnant Currently?

No, Alison Hammond is not pregnant currently. However, the presenter of This Morning did share a piece of happy news on Friday, December 03, 2021. The presenter in This Morning show was very overjoyed while sharing baby news from the sofa. It leads to many people assuming that the presenter is pregnant. But, the news is far away from the truth. She states that she and Dermot O’Leary, her co-presenter had some exciting news to share for those watching the show from home. Then, Alison told the viewers that she had got some baby news to share. After that, her co-presenter added that they had a brand new addition to the family of This Morning. 

Alison Hammond Pregnant in 2021
This Morning Presenter, Alison Hammond and her co-presenter, Dermot O’Leary

This Morning presenter went on and spike that Emma, their deputy editor, welcomed a beautiful girl last Monday. The name of the baby girl is Mia. O’Leary interrupted Alison by shouting Stop while she was speaking. Then, the This Morning presenter stated the weight of the baby as 7lbs 9oz. Alison added that the mummy is very clever while Dermot said that the little one is beautiful. She also said to look at the baby in the show and how she just wanted to cuddle the baby girl. Later on, Alison also sent a message to the deputy editor by saying that they could not wait for her to come back to the studio and introduce the baby to them. 

Alison Hammond Shares a Son with her Ex-Husband

Alison Hammond has a sixteen-year-old son with her cab driver ex-husband, Noureddine Boufaied. She shared at the early of November a rare photo of him and their son in a Tiktok challenge. Their son’s name is Aiden. Furthermore, she captioned the post as ‘our son.’ In the post, Alison spoke about how she is proud of her son while they were posing for the Awards of Pride of Britain. This Morning presenter found out about her pregnancy during Big Brother’s third series appearance. At first, she did not speak about her child’s father and kept it secret. But, people found it out later during her three months pregnancy while posing with him for a magazine shoot.

This Morning Presenter Spoke About her Regret on Not Having More Children in October

This Morning Presenter, Alison, spoke in October about how she regrets not having more children added to her family. She expressed her sadness and said that she wished she had banged out two at the same time. Alison went straight on contraception after having Aiden due to the encouragement of the doctors. The presenter spoke about how she wished she had not listened to the doctor and bumped out just another baby then. She is very disappointed as she always saw herself with five or six kids, and not only one.

Alison Hammond Pregnancy News
Alison Hammond with her son, Aiden

Furthermore, she has got so much love to give that she needs six children to share it all around. The presenter even kept adoption in her possibilities for expanding her family. She spoke about never saying no. However, she would want to do the same with a partner, and she is not with anyone currently. Alison also spoke about how one can do it on their own. But she does not want to. 

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