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‘Iribito’ Episode 4 Reveals That Shirane Tatsuru Is Shozan’s Adopted Daughter

Iribito I Otakukart
Iribito I Otakukart

‘Iribito’ is a mystery thriller starring Takahata Mitsuki and Kazama Shunsuke as main leads. The Japanese drama is a short series as it will have only six episodes. Even though there are fewer episodes, we will get an impactful story from this drama. The main character Naho is moving to a new place in Kyoto to learn calligraphy. Because of this, she meets Takano Sen, who is a famous calligraphist. Moreover, the interesting part is Takano sensei knows Shozon sensei. This turn will reveal many mysteries in the ‘Iribito’ episode 4.

Till now, many mysteries have been revealed about many people, but the most interesting moment is when Naho finds out that Tatsuru is Shozan sensei’s adopted daughter. She is the daughter of Shozan sensei’s rival, who is now dead. When he adopted Tatsuru after her mother’s death people, saw him in a positive light. But no one knows the real monster that lies underneath Shozan’s skin.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

Till now, we have seen that Takamura Naho is a passionate art Connoisseurs. She manages her grandfather’s art gallery. The most unique thing about this gallery is that it has a ‘Water Lilies’ painting that has been a part of Naho’s family for 150 years. Naho’s work is based in Tokyo, but as she is pregnant, she decides to move to Kyoto. Her mother and husband still live in Tokyo and visit her whenever possible.

After moving to Kyoto, Naho finds a need to search for her passion again. So she decides to visit Shimura Shozan sensei’s art gallery. While looking for a masterpiece by Shozan, she stumbles upon another remarkable painting made by Shirane Tatsuru. Shirane is a student of Shozan, but she is not very social with people. When Naho looks at her painting, she is mesmerized and decides to buy the painting for an extremely high price. But there is a mystery behind Tatsuru’s secrecy. What could it be? Let’s find out.

Naho with her grandfather

Naho with her grandfather

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Tatsuru Texts Naho To Help Her

The next day when Naho goes to the Shozan art gallery again with her husband, she gets an opportunity to meet Tatsuru. She tells her about how much she likes her painting, and it will look great on a big canvas. This might have given Tatsuru a feeling that Naho can save her from Shozan. Even though Shozan is a renowned artist, he steals Tatsuru’s work and has been abusing her since she was a child.

The same night Shozan visits Tatsuru’s room and induces fear in her this leads to her messaging Naho to help. But she is so scared at that point that she collapses. The next day Naho meets Mr. Shozan’s manager to talk about this message. Instead of helping Naho with whatever the matter is, the manager, Mr. Masafumi tells her to not overstep her boundary.

Did Kazuki Sleep With His Mother-In-Law?

10 years ago in Paris, France, Kazuki was one of the exhibitionists at an art show. In the flashback, he is very nervous because no one wants to see the paintings his firm has put up. But then Katsuko-san, who is Naho’s mother arrives and offers to buy one of the paintings. Later that night, they have dinner together to celebrate, and something seems to be brewing between them. At the end of the night, no matter how hard Katsuko-san tries, she is not able to captivate Kazuki. He knows her intentions, so he wishes her good night and leaves the hotel room.

Kazuki with Naho's mother

Kazuki with Naho’s mother

What To Expect In The Upcoming Episode?

Naho’s mother takes her to meet Takano Sen. She is the lady who taught calligraphy to Naho’s grandfather. Katsuko’s only motive to take Naho to Takano sensei is so that she can learn the same skills as her grandfather. When they enter the house, Naho is infatuated by a Shozan painting hanging in a room. She asks Takano sensei about it, but she does not have much to say. Also, Naho is interested in helping out Tatsuru, but everyone suggests she stay out of the matter. Will Naho be able to find a way to help Tatsuru? Find out in ‘Iribito’ Episode 4.

‘Iribito’ Episode 4 Release Date

The ‘Iribito’ Episode 4 release date is 19th December 2021. The story of the drama started with an impactful mystery that has no answer to it yet. But as we move forward, we are sure that Naho will be the one who will uncover the truth about Shozan sensei and his disciples. Also, the Japanese drama will have six episodes in total.

Where To Watch ‘Iribito Episode 4?

The Japanese drama ‘Iribito’ is a television story and is broadcast by the WOWOW network. So the people living in Japan can watch the ‘Iribito’ episode 4 on this network every Sunday. The drama is directed by Hagiwara Kentaro. As for international fans, there is no official website to stream the drama yet. So stay tuned with Otakukart to know the episodes’ stories.

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