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Invincible: Who Is Atom Eve? The True Extent of Her Powers

Atom Eve Invincible Amazon Prime Video

Atom Eve aka Samantha Eve Wilkins is a fictional superhero in the Image Comics Universe. She has made recurring appearances mainly in the Invincible comics. She’s the main love interest of Mark Grayson aka Invincible. She first appeared in Invincible #1 in January 2003. The character as well as the comic book she appears in are created by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker.

Atom Eve aka Samantha Eve Wilkins was born as a weapons initiative by the government. She was born to Erias Brandyworth and an unnamed mother. Her mother didn’t survive the birth but Eve did. However, before the government could retrieve her, Erias switched Eve with another stillborn. Erias switched Eve with the miscarried fetus of Betsy Wilkins and Adam Wilkins. The switch was successful to save her from the government’s seizure and the Wilkins become Eve’s adoptive parents. As Eve grows up, she demonstrates incredible prodigious talent at science. Her scientific ability further catalyzes the activation of her latent powers. Soon she starts utilizing her powers for crime-fighting and don her superhero persona. One day she encounters a man who warns her of her powers and encourages her to never use them lest she wants to endanger herself.

Invincible Amazon prime video

Atom Eve with Invincible. Invincible comics.

During high school, Eve joins the superhero squad called the Teen Team. She befriends a member of the Teen Team named Rex Splode. Later on, she strikes a friendship with Invincible (aka Mark Grayson). People speculate that she and Mark are in a relationship but they deny them, saying they’re just friends. Soon, Eve finds out that her boyfriend Rex Splode is cheating on her with Dupli-Kate. Following this discovery, she leaves the Teen Team.

Atom Eve’s Break Up and Meeting Invincible

As some of the members from the Teen Team join the new Guardians of the Globe, Eve decides to go solo. She goes on missions with Mark now and then but mostly on her own. However, she soon realizes that her powers are wasted on crime-fighting. Consequently, she decides to head off to Africa to help in farming (by making the barren lands fertile). But her retirement is short-lived as the cosmic villain Omnipotus and the Martian Invasion threaten Earth. She flies back to stave off the villains.

In Invincible comic issue number 34, Mark meets a future self of Eve, from 15 years from the present. She reveals to him her love and then advises him to confess his real feelings to the present Eve. After the incident with the Reanimen, Invincible flies off to Eve, and the two hug each other. An awkward pause following the hug then leads to the two sharing a passionate kiss. However, Mark apologizes to her, feeling guilty to have done what he did when he’s already in a relationship. Time passes, and Eve learns that Mark has broken up with her girlfriend. She goes to him, asking him about their status. Mark then tells him about his encounter with her future-self and Eve flies off before he could speak his true feelings. They finally reconcile and share a kiss in issue number 50, marking the start of their relationship.

Invincible and Atom Eve

Eve and Mark’s date across the world. Invincible comics.

Atom Eve and Mark’s Relationship

They are in a serious relationship by issue 58. Eve moves back in with her parents to be closer to Mark. But both Mark and Eve want to be together. Therefore, they move into a new home of their own together. However, they face certain financial limitations. Eve decides to improve their financial standing by creating a super-protection service. Under this, Invincible will be paid to arrive on-location and perform his usual superhero business. Usually, he would do that for free but now he will be paid and they will shortly overcome the financial problems.

After the horrific Invincible War, Eve spends most of the aftermath in a coma. When she awakens, she discovers that Mark is battling with the Viltrumite called Conquest. She decides to join the fight and heads off. Her attacks prove ineffective against Conquest and she suffers a grave injury. While Invincible fights off Conquest, a dying Eve suddenly recovers, with her injured body all regenerated. It is later revealed that her recovery was due to her overcoming her mental blocks. These mental blocks were installed inside her by the government, to keep her from using her powers to the fullest. The extreme trauma caused by her injury triggered the overcoming procedure resulting in the recovery.

Atom Eve’s Falling Off with Mark

After Mark returns to Earth from the Viltrumite War, it’s revealed that Eve was pregnant and had an abortion. She kept this fact from Mark. Later on, when Mark ingests the Scourge Virus, she is approached by Zandale. Even rejects his advances and finds out that Mark is alright, which relieves her. Eve is later attacked by Angstrom Levy, who she detains and turns into a good person again. However, Mark attacks Levy and then decides to head off to a different dimension to ensure Levy’s death. Eve tries to stop him, saying that he needs to be here looking out for their baby. Mark refuses and insults Eve, who slaps him.

When Mark reaches the other dimension, Robot reveals himself to be the evil villain he was all along. Robot leaves Mark stranded there and heads back to Earth. Mark remains trapped in that dimension for 6 months before he can break free. During these 6 months of him being absent, Eve thinks about having another abortion but decides not to. When Mark eventually returns, Eve breaks up with him. But soon Robot arrives at her house to make Mark come back. Mark returns and tries to fight him, but gets incapacitated. Robot then severs off one of Eve’s legs. Upon recovering, Mark takes Eve to his father at the Moonbase.

Robot Atom Eve and Invincible

Robot cuts off Atom Eve’s leg. Invincible comics.

Eve’s Surgery and Birth of Terra

Eve is taken to surgery and also successfully delivers a daughter. She forgives Mark and tries to have sex with him, but he refuses. It’s revealed that his aversion to sex is borne out of his rape by a Viltrumite names Anissa. Then the couple heads off to a planet called Talescaria where Eve meets Mark’s brother Oliver. Eve names their daughter Terra. Eve again tries having sex with Mark but he refuses again. He then reveals to her the reason for his hesitation is his rape. The couple shares an emotional moment and Eve later tells him that it wasn’t his fault. Eve apologizes to Mark and they decide to take things slow until Mark is ready again. Mark then leaves for a mission for 5 years. During this time, Eve has a short fling with an alien but calls it off when Mark returns.

Conclusion to the Eve and Invincible Saga

Mark has now gotten over his trauma and the couple now have sex without problems. Not that later, they’re attacked by Thragg’s children and Oliver is killed. Eve and Mark then go ballistic on Thragg’s home planet. Eve tries to save Anissa but she dies. While dying, Anissa reveals that Mark has a son with her named Marky. Eve then witnesses the final battles where Mark’s father is killed and Mark kills Thragg and Robot. Even then encourages Mark to go and connect with his son Mark. Eve learns that she’s immortal. The couple sees their daughter grow up and live happily ever after together.

Atom Eve, Invincible, Marky and Terra

Eve and Invincible live together with Terra and Invincible connect with his son Marky.

Preview: Invincible Season 1 Episode 4

Atom Eve’s Powers

Atom Eve has a series of amazing superpowers and abilities. Amidst other superheroes like the Grayson family, her power may not seem all that godly, but they still pack a punch and are very cool. The superpowers in her arsenal range from flight to sub-atomic manipulation and turning the clock back on her age and life. It’s crazy!

Sub-atomic Matter Manipulation

Atom can manipulate matter and energy at the sub-atomic level. And she can do that with just sheer willpower. The nature of the matter that she can manipulate sub-atomically can be both organic and inorganic. She can mold, reshape, and re-assemble matter into anything she wishes. And this power comes in handy as her superhero costume is just a particular re-arrangement of the clothes she’s wearing. One of her other powers — the lower of flight — is also derived from her matter manipulation powers. She can just manipulate the air around her, reducing its density and subsequently flying. She can change the environment in her proximity and manipulate cakes to be nutritious.

Samantha Eve Wilkins aka Atom Eve powers

Atom Eve can fly through her ability to manipulate matter.

Force Field

Eve can also create force fields with the powers of transmutation. It is often very helpful during battles.

Energy Blasts

Thanks to her energy manipulation and transmutation powers, Atom can produce powerful energy blasts. She can pummel villains to the ground through the explosive powers of her energy blasts.


If you have the power to manipulate matter, well, that just translates into telekinesis. She can easily manipulate, move, lift, push, levitate objects since objects are made up of matter.

Energy Construct Creation

Atom can restructure matter with just a thought. She can also shape up energy in whatever form she visualizes. Also, the transmutation powers only help her make weapons out of energy and matter.


Matte manipulation is really helpful in regenerating your tissues and muscles when you contract injuries. Consequently, she is kind of impervious to fatal injuries, unless she falls unconscious before regenerating. Her powers become a bit more overpowered when she can just rewind the time on her age. Whenever she reaches old age, she can just de-age herself to her prime self. This power of hers is called resurrection and is a subset of the Immortality power.

Invincible atom Eve powers

Later on in the comics, Eve finds out that her regenerative abilities actually make her immortal.

Atom Eve’s Weaknesses

Caloric depletion:

The limitation of her transmutation powers is that she ends up absorbing the unused atoms into her body. These unused atoms must be discarded from her system as waste later on. According to Eve herself, she can make around 6-7 trips to the bathroom a day when she overuses her powers.

Mental blocks:

Another one of her weaknesses is her mental blocks. These aren’t limitations or disadvantages that come with any of her power, instead, they’re planted inside her by the government. The US government had installed mental blocks inside her to stop her from using her powers to the full extent. However, there have been times when she was hit with extreme mental trauma and her mental blocks were over-ridden.

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Invincible is currently streaming on Amazon’s Prime Video.




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