Interesting Jacob Frye Facts From Assassin’s Creed

Interesting Facts About Jacob From Assassin’s Creed
Jacob Frye

What are some interesting facts about Jacob Frye? Was he a great assassin like the previous ones? Who was he? Every assassin in the assassin’s creed franchise has some interesting facts, and so does Jacob Frye. In this blog, we will discuss some interesting facts about Jacob Frye, the younger sibling in Frye Twins. Jacob Frye is an Assassin in the Assassin’s Creed franchise introduced in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. He is the younger of Frye Twins, Evie Frye being the elder. He is the son of Ethan Frye and Cecily.

Ethan Frye started training Jacob in assassin ways during his early teens. Unlike his sister, he was not that much interested in those things and started exploring factories and gambling dens in late nights. After his father’s death, he went to London to liberate it from Templars’ influence and to stop Crawford Starrick. Jacob started liberating London from Crawford first by defeating all the members of Blighters gang members in London and forming his own gang. Later, he killed all his allies like Rupert Ferris, Richard Owen, Pearl Attaway, Maxwell Roth, etc. After killing all the important Templar members under Crawford, Jacob and his sister, Evie, killed Crawford, which the Queen of Victoria rewarded them for it.

Interesting Facts About Jacob Frye From Assassin’s Creed:

Jacob Is A Straight-up Brawler Than A Stealthy Assassin

The younger sibling of the Frye twins both comes to London to stop the Grandmaster of the British Templar Order, Crawford Starrick. But the main distinction between twins is that he was a brawler and did not work as stealthily as his sister did.

Jacob Frye in Combat

Jacob always works as some of the previous assassins like Ezio Auditore or Edward Kenway, where they both had the brash and brawlish fighting styles. During the fights in the Syndicate, Jacob brutally beats and defeats his enemy. 

Jacob Survived A Train’s Derailing And Crash

All the assassins have done something that makes them more memorable and distinct at the same time. Jacob is not behind in this as he survived a train’s derailing and crash, though very narrowly.

Jacob Surviving Train Crash

After the death of Jacob’s father, he infiltrated Ferris Steelworks on the order of an assassin and mentor, George Westhouse, to assassinate Rupert Ferris. Rupert Ferris was a nasty owner of Ferris Steelworks and a Templar member who worked his laborers tirelessly for profit. After killing him, the Blighters gang got enraged and followed him on the train, where they changed the route of the train. This led to derailing and crash, which he barely and narrowly survived.

Jacob Almost Killed Children Unintentionally

During his hunt for the Crawford Starrick and London’s liberation from Templar Order, he joined his hands with Maxwell Roth. Maxwell Roth previously worked under Crawford Starrick, whom he eventually betrayed. 

Jacob Helping Kids from Burning Factory

Jacob, during his alliance with Roth, learned that Roth’s way of doing work was brutal and very selfish. He once put some explosives in a factory, though, unknown to him that innocent children were working inside. He tried to stop Roth from igniting the explosives. Roth ignored Jacob’s warning and ignited them. This led to Jacob helping escape every child from the factory. Later, he killed Maxwell Roth and learned that Maxwell Roth had a disgusting personality to the core.

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Jacob Created More Problems for Evie

Almost everything he did, the consequences were most of the time were very bad. The elder of Frye Twins had to fix all the problems of her younger brother. 

Interesting Facts About Jacob Frye From Assassin's Creed
Twopenny’s Death brought Inflation

When Jacob assassinated important members of the Templar Order, some of the consequences were severely bad, like medicine shortage, inflation, the rise of transportation costs, etc. These were all later fixed by Evie Frye, much to her frustrations.

Jacob And Evie had a Great Argument Due To Difference In Opinion

The Frye twins had a very different way of working and certainly very different opinions regarding their work for the Assassin Brotherhood. Jacob wanted to kill all the Templar’s members to liberate London. And Evie wanted the Piece of Eden to be away and safe from the Templars’ hands.

Interesting Facts About Jacob Frye From Assassin's Creed
Jacob and Evie Argument

During the final part of the game, Jacob and Evie argued. Jacob blamed Evie for her inaction on the situations going on in London, while Evie blamed Jacob for consequences of his actions like inflations, medicine shortages, etc. The argument became worse when Evie mentioned their father’s name, which Jacob did not like.

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