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Insatiable Season 3: Netflix Release Date & Renewal

After finishing the second season of Insatiable, Many were asking when we’ll be insatiable season 3 release date on Netflix. In this article, we will be looking at that. Along with covering the Insatiable season 3 release date, we will be able to cover everything we know so far about this upcoming American dark comedy-drama Series. For those who don’t know,  insatiable is an American dark-comedy drama created by Lauren Gussis, based on Jeff Chu’s article titled The Pageant King of Alabama, that was published back in July 2014 in The New York Times Magazine. The first season premiered on August 10, 2018, on CW. The series got a renewal for the season in September 2018 and was premiered on October 11, 2019, on Netflix. We will be looking at Insatiable season 3.

The series follows the life of Patty Bladell, a teenager who had been constantly bullied in school for being overweight. She decides to take a liquid diet during her three months summer vacation following an accident. Thus, she was able to become thin and was able lose weight. She then decides to seek revenge on her bullies. Meanwhile, disgraced civil lawyer and obsessed beauty pageant coach Bob Armstrong notices Patty and turns her into a beauty queen. The series follows through this storyline and the events that take place since.

The series follows the life of Patty Bladell, a teenager who had been constantly bullied in school for being overweight.

Insatiable Season 3 Release Date on Netflix

For those who are all waiting for Insatiable Season 3, we are sorry to inform you that Netflix has officially canceled the show in February 2020 after the season 2 premiere. Interestingly, even after the season 2 premiering back in October 2019, Netlfix took more than usual time to decide whether they should greenlight for a season 3 or not. But to many of the fan’s surprise, Netflix confirmed in February 2020 that there wouldn’t be a season 3 for Insatiable.

Soon after the news, Alyssa Milano tweeted her grievance and said she had had many plots to explore, but it won’t be possible anymore. But Milano’s tweet hinted that they could return on another network since the show debuted as a CW original but was canceled after its first season but was saved by Netflix. Thus the second season happened, despite season 1 suffering from significant backlash. Now that Netflix has stopped the support, fans hope there will be some savior for their favorite show.

Netflix has officially canceled Insatiable Season 3 on February 2020. This could be the backslash the show has been facing ever since the premier of season 1.

Backslashes faced by Insatiable

In an interview, Cindy Holland, former head of Netflix’s Original Content, said that the renewal of any show was based on certain things. She said that when they invest in a particular series, they look at the fans’ response. This is for each show streaming on Netflix. This means If a particular series didn’t earn many viewers, they would reconsider whether or not to invest in that particular show. She also said that along with viewership, Netflix also considers the critical acclaim of the show.

So we can assume that the severe backslash that the show had facing may have made Netflix not approve for the third season and follow the path of CW. For those who don’t know, soon after the premiering of the show’s first season, more than 230,000 signatures were collected asking for the show’s cancellation.

In an interview, Cindy Holland, former head of Netflix’s Original Content, said that the renewal of any show was based on certain things.

Many argued that the show could cause many eating disorders, whereas some say that the show promotes body shaming. When the show was renewed for a third season, Debby Ryan said that societal nick needs to be addressed.

She said that they wanted to convey that one should not feel bad about how one looks. She also clarified that the show is not about body shaming. Instead, they are just depicting it as a social injustice issue. Add to that the bad critical reviews such as scorning only 2.68/10 on Rotten Tomatoes. All this concludes why the show won’t be returning for a third season.

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