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‘Inō no AICis Web’ Anime Gets 2nd Season on April 10

Inō No AICis web anime gets second season
Jindo Kiriya: Inō No AICis web anime.

Imagine coming across great powers through an app someday. Again, imagine the consequences when such great power is misused. Inō no AICis deals with this very concept of power and chaos. The anime premiered in the Winter of 2021 on their Official YouTube channel,  異能のアイシス from February 2021. This web anime released six episodes that aired every week every Saturday. So far, only the first and second episodes have English subtitles. It probably won’t be long before the remaining episodes are translated, too, for global success.

No information regarding the studio animated this web anime. The art style is raw, and it has a rather simple CGI. It is not unappealing, anyhow. Rather, it looks cute and has quite an essence of aesthetics. The first five episodes are about ten to fifteen minutes long. The sixth episode, released on 27 March, is about 21 minutes long. While Inō No AICis is the original series, you can also watch a spin-off of the anime having short stories called Student Detective Fuuka Chan. These short stories are also released on the same channel.

Inō No AICis: Overview

Also known as AICis the Supernatural, this series is a web anime set in a fictional ward in Tokyo called Geso. The characters of the anime belong to the Uzusio Academy. The anime begins with a monologue of Kouji Hirayushi, who has the ability to shape-shift for five minutes. Using his ability, Kouji does odd jobs like getting cozy with other girls by transforming into a popular girl and changing into a teacher to change answers. However, he is soon caught by Jindo, the detective of the school.

Inō No AICis web anime gets second season

Jindo Kiriya: Inō No AICis web anime.

A simple URL is received by people, which enables the user to install an app called AICis. This app provides supernatural abilities, like the transformation power of Kouji. These powers have their shortcomings too, and some price to pay. This is explained through Kouji’s example as he has to take notes about his opponent to activate his powers. A lot of people have gained such powers. When they start using it for their benefit, chaos ensues in various parts of Tokyo.

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Detective Company Iruka

The Student Detective Company Iruka has assembled some bright students off to solve the mysterious cases related to these psychic abilities gifted from an app. One of its members is Jindo Kiriya, an amnesiac student of Uzusio Academy. He has no recollection of his memory except his name. He is often lazy but has exceptional deduction ability. Accompanying him is Izumi Chiyo, a physically strong fellow detective.

The real story begins when Amano, a classmate of Fuuko, claims to have been abducted by aliens after missing for a week. Fuuko is all the more scared when she witnesses a UFO trying to take her too. Finding no other option, she meets with Jindo to help her solve the mysterious case.

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Inō No AICis: Season 2 Release Date

The web anime aired from February till March for six episodes. For an anime without any big studio affiliation, it did quite well.

On Tuesday, 30 March 2021, an official announcement was made regarding the second season of the web anime, referred to as Chapter 2. The second season will air from 10 April and will continue weekly on Saturdays. Two new cast members, Hisaka Tojo and Mitsuru Watanabe were also introduced in the said announcement. The episodes will be uploaded on the same platform as the first.

The official Twitter account also tweeted on April 2 that an emergency broadcast will be going live before the release of Chapter 2. No information regarding the plot of the new season has been announced. The opening theme is ‘Limit,’ performed by AliA. ‘Taiyo ni Nareru Ka Na’ by Tsuyu is the ending theme of the anime.

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The anime has no known source material, so it isn’t easy to catch up with the upcoming events before the second season is released. However, seeing how enjoyable the first season was, one cannot help but look forward to the next season. Since new characters have been introduced, it is quite interesting to wonder how they will influence the story.

Do support the web anime by subscribing to the official channel as it is highly underrated. Please refrain from streaming it from unofficial websites and channels to support the creators.

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