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Preview: I’m Standing on Million Lives Season 2 Episode 2

I'm Standing on a Million Lives Season 2

The new season of  I’m Standing on Million Lives, Season 2, has finally arrived. The latest episode begins with a lady falling over the shoulders of two boys who told her to act her age. The lady told the two to give her water, and they realize that she is drunk. The lady told the boys that she is doing everything for her son. The strange muscular guy arrives and tortures the lady that she is not offering enough money in the evening. Shuuji stops her brother from fighting with that guy who offers them a job to pay off the family’s debt in a month.

The boys accepted the offer and went out with the guy and began to rob people. But they encounter s young man who is unbeatable. The boys wonder who that guy is, and the boss wanted to shout at him. But the young man uses magic powers to stop the boss. The boss got arrested, and the young man allows the two brothers to escape. On their way, they wonder who was that young man. The next day at school, the students talked about summer break. Shindou became popular since her magazine has come out.

Hokozaki heads somewhere by Shindou try to call her, but they said they would meet later. The boys wonder what has happened to the Hokozaki and Shindou since they were best friends. They realize that ever since Shindou became popular, she is not that much around with Hokozaki. Yotsuya heard the boys while heading home. Later in the evening, Yotsuya enjoys playing games alone until midnight. He realizes that the two may be different, but they both have a deep-rooted strength, and that is why they got chosen.

Previously on I’m Standing on Million Lives Season 2 Episode 1

Yostuya realizes that Tokitate is another girl who got chosen in another world. The girls begin to text Yotsuya talking about new members. The four vanishes and arrives in another world. They heard a voice of a guy screaming and decided to head to the scene. The blond-haired guy survived the sea monsters and lands on the ground. The girls wonder why the blond-haired guy gets dressed up like a thug. The guy wonders where he is, and he heard a voice saying it is nice to meet with him.

The mysterious voices reves that he is the Game Maters at his service. The blonde-haired guy notice that this Game Master is faceless and begins to screen. Yotsuya realizes that he is used to seeing this guy like this. The Game Master said their new quest is to offer the Jiffon Buffo at Vaikdamanian within 20 days. Hokozaki and Shindou use their powers and changes their outfit realizing that they have revived 50 times.

I'm Standing on Million Lives Season 2

I’m Standing on Million Lives Season 2

Human Harvesting  Festival

They both wear new dresses except for the new guy, who is still surprised. The Game Master spins the wheel, and the blonde-haired guy gets his costume. Yostuya suggests that they should go to Cortonel to find out what the quest is about and Shindou indicate that they should first explain things to Torii, the blonde-haired guy. But once they use Fast Travel, they will have to wait twenty-four hours before using it again.

Yostuya comments that warping first will save them time than wandering around. Torii enjoys looking at his new costume. Torris wanted them to relax and explain everything, but Yotsuya reminds him that they are running out of time. Shindou told Torii that they are in a parallel world, and they are heroes who have to complete a quest or face death. Torii said he is a middle school dropout, and they can go even though he understands nothing. Yostsuya is surprised that Torii is a dropout.

The girls notice that Torii won’t allow Yostuya to lead them and allow the two to settle the score on one-on-one combat. Shindou reminds Yotsuya that that Torii said he wouldn’t Fast Travel until they settle scores. Torri realizes that he knows Yostuya’s move and out to counter-attack since he has seen him last night saving his family. Torii defeated Yostuya buy they both travel to Cortnel. Later the team finds that Buffo belongs to the orcs, and they use them for the human harvesting festival.

I’m Standing on a Million Lives Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date

I’m Standing on a Million Lives Season 2 Episode 2 release date is 17 July 2021. You can watch I’m Standing on a Million Lives Season 2 online on Crunchyroll.

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