Im Soo Ho and Kang moo’s Plan Gets Exposed In ‘Snowdrop’ Episode 13

Snowdrop Episode 13
Snowdrop cr:jTBC

Fans have been racking their heads with ideas of how the hostages will be able to escape safely and cannot wait for Snowdrop Episode 13. Just when we thought that all the Kang Moo would be able to get all the students out, in came Dr. Kang with her detonator. After the blast inside the dorms, the pressure on the ANSP has increased. However, the corrupt ministers do not plan to save everyone and are using the dreadful hostage situation just to get a landslide victory in the elections. Furthermore, Gang Moo, who is a team leader for the ANSP, realized how corrupt the government and the agency that he had been working for were when he was shot while trying to escape.

He tried numerous ways to convince Im Soo Ho that they were just being used as pawns by the higher-ups. However, Soo Ho could not believe it until he heard with his own ears that his country had given up on their lives for money. This came as a huge shock for Im Soo Ho, who trusted and loved his father. After this shocking revelation, Kang Moo and Im Soo Ho both join hands to get not only themselves but also the hostages out alive. However, an unexpected danger awaits them in Snowdrop Episode 13.

What To Expect From Snowdrop Episode 13?

Snowdrop Episode 13 will consist of a huge plot twist. As the story unfolds, it becomes clearer that Snowdrop is not an ordinary romance drama. Each episode consists of action sequences that will make your head spin and, of course, a glimpse of the boundless love that Eun Young Ro and Im Soo Ho have. Furthermore, the previous episodes finally gave us a peek into the past that Im Soo Ho and Kang Cheong Ya shared. During their spy training days in Germany, when Kang Cheong Ya was about to lose her life by falling off a cliff on a stormy night, came a man with a warm hand.

The man who saved Kang Cheong Ya was none other than Im Soo Ho himself. Not only did he save her from falling off the cliff, but he also embraced her the entire night in order to keep her warm. The flashback ends with Kang Cheong Ya saying that she would definitely pay for his kindness if they were to meet ever again. However, considering the tense circumstances that have brought them together again, will Kang Cheong Ya still keep her promise? Will the pride of the Republic, Morang River join hands with the ANSP? Find out in Snowdrop Episode 13.

Snowdrop Episode 13 Release Date
Snowdrop cr:jTBC

Snowdrop Episode 13 Release Date

After the cliffhanger in the previous episode of Snowdrop, fans cannot wait to watch what happens next. Thankfully, Snowdrop Episode 13 will be released on 23rd January. Now that Im Soo Ho and Yeong Ro are finally coming close, will this episode bring them closer, or does another danger await them? This episode will clear all our doubts. Each episode of Snowdrop has a run time of approximately one hour which seems like a second, thanks to Jung Hae In and Kim Jisoo’s amazing chemistry.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers cannot wait to find out what Jung Hae In will decide. Unlike Eun Young Ro’s father, who is pulling every string possible to protect his daughter, Im Soo Ho’s father betrayed him. Will this betrayal make Im Soo Ho give up on his country? Find out in Snowdrop Episode 13.

Where to Watch Snowdrop Episode 13?
Snowdrop cr:jTBC

Where To Watch Snowdrop Episode 13?

Snowdrop is exclusively aired on the South Korean broadcasting network jTBC. Additionally, Snowdrop has taken up the 10:30 pm time slot according to Korean Standard Time on jTBC ever since 18th December. For International viewers, the timings are 8:30 pm in the United States, 8:30 pm in Canada, 12:30 am in Australia, 1:30 pm in the United Kingdom, and 7:00 pm in India.

Every Saturday and Sunday, Snowdrop releases two romance and action-packed episodes. Moreover, Snowdrop is Disney+Hotstar‘s first exclusive South Korean release. The latest episodes of Snowdrop are available to watch with subtitles on Disney+. However, only viewers located in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, and South Korea will be able to watch it exclusively on Disney+.

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