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Lil Dicky Girlfriend: All About The Dave Star’s Personal Life

What do we know about Lil Dicky Girlfriend? American rapper, comedian, and actor Lil Dicky has been making a name for himself for quite a while now. The artist, whose real name is David Andrew Burd, initially came to prominence with his debut song release titled Ex- Boyfriend. The debut release was a smashing hit and garnered 1 million views in just 24 hours! Followed by such a positive response, Lil Dicky released his debut album, Professional Rapper back in 2015.

He also teamed up with producer Jeff Schaffer and created the television comedy series Dave which is based on the artist’s own life. The show has been a huge hit amongst viewers and fans are eagerly Loki g forward to the third season. The musical artist has assured fans that it is going to be the funniest thing in the history of television. We might also witness a few celebrity guest appearances including Justin Bieber and some of the other prominent celebrities from the music industry. Let us take a look at all the details regarding Lil Dicky Girlfriend. 

Lil Dicky Girlfriend: Here’s What We Know About Her

While Lil Dicky has not shied away from talking about his past relationships or personal life in general, his current relationship status is not known yet. He reportedly had a girlfriend named Molly but the two parted ways due to career issues. He further said that pursuing music wasn’t something that he debated about. The artist admitted that he does not regret choosing his dreams and Musial career and going forward with it. It seems like Lil Dicky is single and currently not dating anyone. 

Lil Dicky GirlfriendAs Lil Dicky once revealed that while he wanted to go to California to pursue his career as a comedian. Molly was not ready to give up her life behind and follow Burd across the country at that point. In the series, Ally is a supportive girlfriend who helps Lil Dicky’s character through his insecurities and gives him that non-judgemental kind of love.

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Is The Comedy Series Dave Based On Lil Dicky’s Real Life?

People cannot get enough of the FX comedy series which is loosely based on his life. The show seemed to be an autobiographical note of the artist and fans are specialty’s thing or two about it. Many are wondering whether Ally, the love interest shown in the series is based on Lil Dicky’s actual ex-girlfriend Molly or not! If you haven’t already watched the second season of Dave, here’s the official trailer of it.

Ally, played by actress Taylor Misiak is shown to be a kindergarten teacher in the series. Their relationship is a tumultuous one and constantly goes through challenging phases. Ally becomes his ex-girlfriend by the time the show reaches season 2. However, Lil Dicky cleared the speculation during a virtual panel stating that Ally and Molly are not necessarily the same.

Is The Singer All Set For Dave Season 3? 

It seems like the lead of the comedy series Dave is all excited for the third season as he believed that it has helped him create more exposure for him and bringing him much closer to his dreams. While fans wait for its much-anticipated return, we might have to wait a while longer. While the creator has no update and is yet to come up with any set ideas for the third season just yet, however, the musical artist believes that it is going to be one of the funniest in TV history.

Lil Dicky Girlfriend

Lil Dicky further stated that he has an endless list of people he hopes to get on the next season especially rap star Kanye West! Fans are yet to get any kind of confirmation. The wait for season 3 is going to be longer as the artist admitted that while he loves making the show, it is the last thing on his mind at the moment. The Freaky Friday hitmaker wants to take some time to focus on his next studio album for now. We surely are waiting for his upcoming release and Dave season 3! 

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