‘HYBE Respect Jungkook’ Trends On Twitter After Release of BTS’s Webtoon, 7 Fates: CHAKHO

BTS Jungkook Zeha

BTS’s much-anticipated webtoon, 7 Fates: CHAKHO, was released on 15 January on Naver Webtoon and Wattpad. After the release, the BTS Army quickly ran to get all the updates on BTS’ fictional characters. However, the initial episodes have spiked rage among some of the readers. While exploring the world of BTS’s webtoon, the storyline related to Jungkook’s character Zeha is not impressing some ARMYs. This led to people trending “HYBE Respect Jungkook” on Twitter.

After releasing BTS’ webtoon first episode, some ARMY felt like Big Hit Music and HYBE were degrading Jungkook as an artist. Several BTS and Jungkook fans are debating if it is done intentionally. However, other fans believe that the character and story are entirely fictional. Hence, no controversy should arise encompassing Jungkook’s character, Zeha.

HYBE Respect Jungkook Trends On Twitter After The Release Of BTS’s Webtoon, 7 Fates: CHAKHO

Twitter is always filled with tweets related to BTS, their latest updates, and achievements. After the release of the BTS webtoon, fans made sure to celebrate and talk about it on social media. Unfortunately, they did not like how Jungkook’s character Zeha was portrayed in the webtoon.

In a scene in the webtoon, Zeha is shown to be a romantic interest of another character. Besides this, Zeha’s tattoos are linked to him having a shady life in the past. In real life, Jungkook also has tattoos, and for a year, his tattoos were kept away from events and media due to them being taboo in South Korea.

Some Army does not like how HYBE portrayed Zeha and his storyline in the webtoon. Meanwhile, the other half believes that the webtoon is entirely fiction and is not related to how the company treats Jungkook.

Also, many of the Army debate on how Jungkook would feel after reading the scenes in the webtoon. As a result, they are demanding HYBE acknowledge Jungkook for his talents as a renowned singer.

Jungkook as Zeha in BTS webtoon
Jungkook as Zeha in “7 Fates: CHAKHO”

Although Twitter feels like a mess, HYBE has not made any official statement regarding ARMYs rage.

What do you think of the new webtoon and the issue?

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