Hunter X Hunter Chapter 387 Spoilers, Release Date

Previously, we saw Theta shooting Prince right in the middle of his forehead in an ongoing banquet. But somehow, Prince’s body vanished in a split second. Theta was so stunned by this that she had to take some rest for a little while. Prince has ordered to invite Melody through a formal invitation. Theta knows that if she betrays Tserriednich again, she will be a human no more.

What is going to happen to Theta? How will Melody react upon receiving the invitation? To know the answer to all of these and much more questions, continue reading the post where we speculate the event of Hunter X Hunter Chapter 386. But before that, there is a warning for you. The post ahead contains major spoilers so read further at your own will. Enjoy!

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 387 Spoilers

We saw Salkov warning Theta before that she could face a terrible punishment, even worse than death if she tries to lie again. He also tells her to think of a proper plan before going forward but it seems that Theta is not willing to listen to him.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 387

We have to see what Theta does next in the upcoming chapter. It might be interesting to see this because Theta is not one of those who will just sit around and let everything happen around her. Even though Salkov’s advice was good and beneficial, Theta might completely ignore it stir things up a bit Theta style. But in between all this, she has to be extremely wary of Salkov’s warning as well. If she makes one more mistake, she might be turned into an alien forever.

All we know is that if she wants to play safe, she is better off listening to Salkov and take some rest. Also, we might see what Kurapika’s side plan is. His abilities are still hidden, and it seems Halkenburg is behind them. Morena’s whereabouts are still a big mystery which might be revealed in the next chapter. On the other hand, it might be very interesting to see Melody’s reaction as well. Will she accept the invitation? This single decision of Melody’s might turn out to be huge and prove to turn tables all the way around.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 387 Release Date

The official release date of Hunter X Hunter Chapter 387 is 5th November 2018 but the scans will be available a couple of days before that.

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