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How To Watch The Korean Drama Navillera Online?

How can we watch Navillera?
Official teaser poster for Navillera (Credit: tvN)

Korean actor, Song Kang is back with a new series. He is back with a new show on Netflix, just like his previous two, Sweet Home and Love Alarm Season 2. Navillera aims not only at the younger generation but also at older generations. It revolves around the concept that anyone can pursue their dream as long they want to and irrespective of age differences. Navillera also shows the beautiful relationship between two people from different generations.

The show also focuses on the ballet dancing part. Sim Deok-Chool and Lee Chae-Rok became supportive of each other. The pair is unlikely, but the bond between them grows slowly. They help each other to overcome their problems. Navillera found its inspiration from Hun and Ji-min’s webtoon of the same name. It is a heartwarming story between two persons that like ballet and also emphasises some local issues. Now let’s know in details as to where can the drama be watched.

Navillera: Release Date & Production

Navillera release date was on March 22, 2021, on tvN and Netflix. The series consists of twelve episodes and will come to an end on April 27, 2021. Choe Gyeong-suk is the creator of the drama. Han Dong-Hwa is the director for Navillera, with Lee Eun-mi as the screenwriter. Oh Yeong-rim and Im Seung-jin are the executive producers for the show. Kim Yeong-gyu (Planning), Oh Hwan-min, Kang Bo-Hyeon, Kim Geon-hong (CP), Kwon Byeong-Uk, and Kim Na-gyeong are acting as the producers. Jang Deok-Hwan and Park Yun-min are behind the cinematography. Twin Peaks is giving their editing to the series. Studio Dragon and The Great Show are the production companies for Navillera.

Where can you watch Navillera?

A scene showing Shim Deok-Chul and Lee Chae-rok together in Navillera (Credit: tvN)

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Navillera: Cast

Navillera leading cast includes Park In-Hwan, Hong Seung-hee, Song Kang, and Na Moon-hee. They are respectively depicting Shim Deok-Chul, Shim Eun-ho, Lee Chae-Rok, and Choi Hae-Nam. Park In-Hwan is one of the main leading cast that celebrated his seventh birthday after retiring. He decided to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a ballerina after watching his friends regretting of not chasing their dreams in their youth. Then, he came across another ballerina, Lee Chae-rok accidentally. Song Kang, another leading cast is 23 years old and training hard to become a ballerina. However, he is not financially stable and works at a cafe for supporting himself. Then, he comes across 70-year-old Lee Chae-Rok just when he thought up of giving ballerina.  

Navillera: Plotline

Navillera storyline is not a typical fantasy, thriller or romantic drama. However, it tells the story of two different people belonging from different generations but pursuing ballet. Sim Deok-Chool worked as a post office employee until his retirement at the age of 70 years. However, his dream was to become a ballerina. But, he could not pursue so as he got into normal jobs due to life situations. He decides to pursue and follow his dream again after his retirement. But, his decision did not make him happy. They did not give much support to his dream. Later on, he meets Lee Chae-Rok after joining a ballet company for becoming a ballerina. 

Lee Chae-Rok is 23 years and wants to become a ballerina just like his mother. He did not have any talent in any other activities while growing up although he learnt them at one time. But, he has a tragic life story as his father went bankrupt with the death of his mother. Chae-Rok wants to pursue and has a talent for ballet. But, financially, he is too exhausted to learn ballet as he also has to support himself. Besides, he lost contact with his father. Thus, his interest in ballet fades slowly after going through hard times. He met Sim Deok-Chool during that time.

Navillera: Where to Watch?

Navillera premieres on tvN original network at 21:00 KST or 5:50 p.m. every Monday and Tuesday of the week. Originally tvN is the distributor for the series. However, the Netflix streaming service acquired the series right for international distribution. Thus, the series in Netflix for watching. Besides, there are also many unofficial sites wherein the drama is available for watching. Thus, anyone can go to the unofficial websites and stream the series with English subtitles. Some of the famous sites where Navillera is available unofficially with English subtitles are,,,,, etc. 

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