How to Watch Intergalactic? The New Sky Original Show

Where to Watch Intergalactic? The New Sky Original Show is OUT NOW!
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‘Intergalactic’ is a science fiction TV series based on a futuristic Earth in 2143, controlled by a Government called the “Commonworld”. This gripping eight-episode series follows the story of one Ash Harper, a young galactic pilot and rookie cop. She was just about to be at the peak of her career when she gets wrongly convicted for treason. Here, all other Government bodies have been dissolved thus, only Commonworld remains as the absolute judge and the executor. But now that Ash had been convicted, all her hopes for a lustrous career had been buried deep. Little did she knew, this wrongful arrest would be the beginning of an adventure that would bring her to her limits. Interesting enough? Let’s see, Where can one Watch Intergalactic?

Her sentence for treason was to be imprisoned in an outer space prison known as ‘The Hemlock’. While Ash is being transported to the planet o a spaceship, she meets several criminals. Here, the main focus is on a group of female convicts who revolt against captivity. They are able to use their set of skills to hijack the ship. After this, they threaten to kill Ash if she couldn’t fly them to safety in a far-off galaxy.

Now being stuck with a group of criminals surrounded by chaos, Ash must find a way to escape the situation. She was now at a place where she didn’t truly belong, and therefore she must prove herself innocent to the authorities. During this, she must also lookout for a way to get her fellow inmates back to prison. But now she is also tasked on a mission to locate a former spy. This mission was given to her by Rebecca, the Head of Galactic Security and the leader of the Commonworld government.

Where to Watch Intergalactic?

Intergalactic first premiered on 30th April 2021 on Sky One. The episodes for the same can be streamed online on Sky Go App on desktop. You can even get Sky TV to watch Intergalactic. These include a series of plans ranging from $27 to $43 a month. These plans stay valid for a period of 18 months, after which changes may apply. The range of plans includes Broadband connectivity, Netflix, Sky Sports, and even BT Sports channels. Intergalactic later premiered on 1st May 2021 in Australia on Stan.

Where to Watch Intergalactic? The New Sky Original Show is OUT NOW!
Savannah Steyn as Ash Harper

The release date for the same in the United States was on 13th May 2021. Intergalactic will be available to watch in the US on NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock TV. The good thing is, Peacock TV does provide a 7-day free trial for first-time users. Considering that all episodes of the show will be available at the same time, one can finish the series within the time period. Although it is recommended that you do get the Peacock TV Premium subscription for $4.99 per month. You can even get Peacock TV Premium Plus for a cost of $9.99 per month. Other options for watching Intergalactic include NEON and Now TV. The show will be made available on NEON on 18th May 2021. For now, Intergalactic has not been made available to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV+, or Amazon Prime Video.

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Who is in the Cast of Intergalactic?

The cast of Intergalactic

The cast of Intergalactic is being led by Savannah Steyn, who will be playing the role of Ash Harper. She is a tough, law-abiding cop who is a pilot and cop to the Commonworld. Taking the role of her mother, Rebecca, is Parminder Nagra. Rebecca is the Head of Galactic Security within the Commonworld. Joining them as a cast member is the Sex Education and Rogue One star Sharon Duncan-Brewster Sharon Duncan-Brewster, who will be playing the role of Tula Quik. She is a dangerous gang leader. Eleanor Tomlinson will be playing the role of an alien from Aurean Galaxy, Candy Skov-King, who owes a debt to Tula. Diany Samba-Bandza and Imogen Daines will make up the rest of the escaped criminals as Genevieve Quik and Verona Flores respectively. Genevieve Quik is a cyber-enhanced fighter, while Tula’s daughter, while Verona Flores is a criminal cyber-hacker.

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