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How To Watch ‘Drive My Car’? Plot & Cast of The Japanese Gem!

Watch 'Drive My Car
Watch 'Drive My Car'

It is no lie that South Asian cinema is full of gems that need to be watched at least once in life. With the age of the internet, films are getting a chance to reach a larger audience. One such gem that deserves recognition and people need to watch is the 2021 Japanese film ‘Drive My Car’. Directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi, ‘Drive My Car’ is an adaptation of a short story by Haruki Murakami. From his 2014 book Men Without Women. The movie focuses on grief, love, and work with a bit of art. The classic protagonist from the viewpoint of Murakami, a man who loves classical music on vinyl, smokes cigarettes, and finds women’s motivations utterly opaque.

‘Drive My Car’ has some amazing cast members. ‘Norweighen Woods’ fame Reika Kirishima, ‘Romance Doll’ fame Tôko Miura, and ‘Mozu’ fame Hidetoshi Nishijima is taking control of the story. With Masaki Okada and Sonia Yuan as the supporting cast members. With Hamaguchi and Oe becoming the first Japanese to win the Best Screenplay Award at Cannes. The movie has already won three awards at the Cannes Film Festival. Along with the title of best indie films from Boston Society of Film Critics Awards, Asia Pacific Screen Awards, New York Film Critics Circle, and Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Awards.

Watch 'Drive My Car

A still from Drive My Car

A Look At The Film

The story follows Yusuke Kafuku, one of the most popular theatre actors of the time. Along with having a creative mind and a beautiful successful wife whom he loves to bits. He does have his own share of problems in life. Losing his daughter when she was a child, he couldn’t sense the love between the family melting away. While he kept himself busy with work and loving his wife, his only fear was losing the love of his life. But one day, as his flight moved to another day, he came home to see his wife cheating on him. He never said a single thing to her. On top of that, he got into a car accident and got to know that he has glaucoma. And can go blind if left untreated.

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As on their way back from the hospital his wife asked him to be home to talk about something important. As he reached home later that evening, he found her unconscious on the ground. Realizing that he has lost the only reason he had in his life to live for. After getting done with the ceremony, Kafuku decides to get back to work. He starts the production of the new play he’s been working on for a film festival, ‘Uncle Vanya’. Because of the rules of the festival team, Kafuku gets assigned a driver named Misaki Watari. While Misaki is one of the best drivers in the city out there, Kufuku was still doubtful of her. But as they went on a test drive, he agreed to give her a chance.

Watch 'Drive My Car

A still from ‘Drive My Car’

What Kafuku and Watari didn’t know was that car drives between the hotel and theatre will end up changing both their perspectives on life.

Where To Watch ‘Drive My Car’?

‘Drive My Car’ was released in theatres on November 24, 2021, in the United States. For now, the movie is not available to watch on any streaming platform. And is only available in the US, UK, and Japan as the movie came out in the countries as a part of several film festivals. Murakami and Hamaguchi fans all over the world are waiting for the streaming giants to bid and bring the movie to them as soon as possible. Even though the movie is a three-hour-long affair, the story goes on smoothly. Making the viewers feel like they are a part of it. One sees and goes through solidarity, strength, courage, perseverance, grace, humanity, regeneration of the soul, and hope.

While the reviews of the movie might feel exaggerated. ‘Drive My Car’ takes the viewers on a peaceful yet chaotic journey within themselves as they watch the art and life refracting each other.

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