How To Watch After Yang in UK, USA and Australia?

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After Yang
After Yang

Artificial Intelligence technology is an evolving concept of the modern world. Many sci-fi movies depict the concept of A.I. as a regrettable one where robots took over the reign of humans. But, in the 2021 movie ‘After Yang’, the creators shatter down all the prejudices. ‘After Yang’ offers a different perspective on the topic of A.I. Despite being a complex machine, a robot can also manifest human-like emotions. Kogonada wrote as well as directed the science-fiction drama. The movie was premiered at the 74th Cannes Film Festival on the 8th of July. It is inspired by the short story of Alexander Weinstein named ‘Saying Goodbye to Yang’.

Jake and Kyra are one happy family with their adopted daughter Mika. Years before the adoption of Mika, the couple brought an A.I. robot named Yang. They nurtured Yang as their own son. Yang and Mika share an adorable sibling bond with each other. But, clouds of sorrow took over the family’s happiness. Yang becomes unresponsive towards the family.

The parent company of the A.I. suggests a replacement, but the family is unwilling to do so. Jake can go to any extent to save their beloved son. He seeks help from an old mechanic, where he found a hidden camera. The camera turns out to be the ‘memory bank’ of Yang. The story moves further where Jake comes to know the life Yang lived before. The movie weaves minutely the affection between a robot and a human.

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The poster of the 2021 sci-fi movie ‘Yang before’ featuring the lead casts

Where To Watch After Yang?

In 2021, ‘After Yang’ received a limited theatrical release in some countries. It is now available in selected multiplexes for the audience to enjoy the movie on big screens. However, the movie was aired on a Streaming platform on 4th March 2022. Showtime aired the movie for USA-based audiences. But, it is now available worldwide. One can get access to Showtime through paid Subscription. The movie is also procurable in the 30-days free trial version. Along with the Showtime website, fans can watch ‘After Yang’ on the Showtime cable channel.

The audiences of the United Kingdom can get access to the movie through Showtime. The same for the Australian audience base as well. The movie is unavailable on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or any other OTT platform. But, apart from Showtime, ‘After Yang’ is streaming on YouTube TV. Fubo TV, Sling Tv, Direct TV. Fire TV, Android TV. Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast are the other platforms to watch the movie. There is still no official announcement regarding a DVD version of the movie. But, we can expect the movie to soon be available on every other streaming platform. The news is confirmed by the official website of showtime.

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Where to watch After Yang
A behind the scene clip of an interaction between Jake and Yang from the movie ‘After Yang’


‘After Yang’ stars the versatile actor Colin Farrell as the lead character of Jake. Colin also played the character of Penguin in the 2022 ‘The Batman’ movie. The movie has Justin H. Min as Yang. Haley Lu Richardson as Ada ( the love interest and previous owner of Yang). Jodie Turner-Smith as Kyra, Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja as Mika. Brett Dier as Aaron, Sarita Choudhury as Cleo. Ava DeMary as Vicky, Ritchie Coster as Russ ( the repairman). Deborah Hedwall as Nancy, Eve Lindley as Faye, Taylor Ortega as Jasmine. Clifton Collins Jr. as George, and the list goes endlessly.

Where to watch After Yang
Colin Farrell, Justin H. Min, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja, the lead casts of the movie ‘After Yang’

Ratings, reviews, and awards

‘After Yang’ portrays a minimalistic, utopian version of the world. The movie is highly rated on various movie rating sites. ‘After Yang’ is already considered the best movie of the year 2022. According to various critics, the movie develops human connections in a subtle way. Director Kogonada is intensely praised for the realistic set design and grasping plot development. Even for the actor Colin Farrell, critics call out the character Jake as one of the best he played in his career.

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