How to get Goku in a Universal Time Roblox?

Goku In A Universal Time Roblox
Goku In A Universal Time Roblox

A Universal Time is a game available in Roblox which contains different anime characters. If you are a dragon ball Z fan, you can get your own Goku through this game. Roblox is one of the most popular multiplayer role-playing games, especially among children. The game developed by Roblox Corporation was released in 2016. Since then it has been massively admired by players around the world. It is one of the highest-grossing games of 2020 and made a revenue of more than $2 Billion in 2020. The game is available on all the major gaming platforms such as Android, IOS, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, MAC OS, and PlayStation.

Goku is one of the most popular anime characters in the world. The character went viral after it was introduced in Dragon Ball Z. The popular fictional character has appeared in lots of movies, series, magazines, franchise video games, and many anime adaptions. Apparently, Goku is a Saiyan male who possesses superhuman strength. He also practices martial arts and is extremely powerful in the Dragon Ball Z universe. If you are a Goku fan, you can get him in Roblox by playing ‘A Universal Time’. Read on to find about how you can unlock Goku in AUT Roblox easily and quickly.

How to unlock Goku in AUT Roblox?

There are several tasks you need to complete to play Goku yourself in A Universal Time, Roblox.

  • Firstly, you have to find and meet Goku in the game. You will find him in the nearby mountains near the forests on the map. You may need to use your ‘stand’ in the game to meet Goku. As Goku lives at a very higher and elevated plane.
  • After discovering him in the forests, you have to go and talk to him. He will give you a task where you have to collect seven dragon balls. And after collecting them, you have to hand the dragon balls to Goku in the game.
  • The dragon balls are present in a lot of places on the map. However, according to some pro players, the probability of getting the highest number of dragon balls is in the forest area of the map.
  • Keep in mind that you need to have at least seven slots in your bank to collect the dragon balls. If you don’t have that many slots, you can purchase them in the game.
  • After collecting seven dragon balls, you have to return to Goku.
  • If you have collected a total of seven dragon balls, he will give you a list of things you need to obtain to complete the task and unlock Goku as a form.
Goku in AUT Roblox
Goku in AUT Roblox

What are the tasks that I have to complete to unlock Goku in AUT Roblox?

Here are the tasks that you need to complete to unlock Goku as a form:

  • Obtain 1000 UCoins
  • Inflict 100 Damage
  • Kill Dio
  • Block 100 Damage
  • Take 100 Damage

Obtaining UCoins: You can obtain UCoins by opening as many chests as possible, defeating players and bosses in the game. One of the ways to get Ucoins is by opening as many treasure hunts as possible. Although, they are difficult to find in the game. It would be better if you look around the housing areas or look for spawns in the front and backyards of the house. Another way you can get Ucoins is by killing the new thugs in the game. If you kill just one thug NPC, you get 1000 UCoins as a reward. The best part about them is that they respawn quickly.

Inflicting, killing, and taking damage in the game is one of the fairly easy tasks. Inflicting damage means to make someone in the game suffer. You can do the highest damage in the game using Tusk.

You will find Dio in the forest area. He respawns every 30-60 minutes in the forest area. You have to kill him to complete the tasks to unlock the Goku character.

After you have completed all the above tasks, you have to meet Goku again in the mountain area. Goku will ask you if you have completed the tasks that he assigned to you. If you have completed all the tasks correctly, you will encounter the dragon, Shenron. He will grant you one wish and you will have multiple options to choose from such as Destruction, Ascension, Wealth, Power, etc. Choose the ‘Power’ option to unlock Goku as a form.

Congratulations, you have successfully unlocked Goku as a form. Happy playing!

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