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How To Do The Beer Poster TikTok Trend With Your Phone – No PC Method!

How To Do The Beer Poster TikTok Trend With Your Phone - NO PC Method!

In this article, we explain how to do the Beer Poster TikTok trend with your phone. No PC!. TikTok trends are the hype, and they are fun! Today in Otakukart, we share with you how to do this trend without the need for a PC. How does it work? Well, if you keep on reading, you will learn how to do it and what’s it about. In addition, it’s fair to say that, as with most TikTok challenges, you can’t miss them out as they are all original, funny, edgy, and will make you laugh. As with all things TikTok, there’s a cringe component. But, once you get into TikTok, there’s no going back.

In the Beer Poster TikTok Trend, you have to place yourself in a frame with a beer logo poster. That’s it. This beer poster trend has nearly sixty million views worldwide already. And with our tutorial on how to do this trend, you will be sure on your way to do viral-hood, featured in the For You section, or get a satirical duet. Maybe all of the above! In order to do this trend without your PC, you will need to download an app, which we shall explain further. So join us to learn how to do the Beer Poster Challenge.

How To Do The Beer Poster Challenge On TikTok? With Your Phone, NO PC method!

The Beer Poster Challenge on TikTok is fairly simple and straightforward. You will take a beer brand logo and use a photo editor app to place yourself over the background, making yourself look as though you were part of a beer advertisement. Sounds cool, huh? Especially for hot summers like this, where the company of the cold beer of your choice can mean the difference between boredom and fun. This particular TikTok challenge is no different from the Vogue Challenge from not so long ago.

How To Do The Beer Poster TikTok Trend With Your Phone - NO PC Method!

Beer poster challenge in TikTok

Expect to see some skin for this trend, so make sure you have your bathing suit and are not tan-lines shy. And much like the Vogue challenge and the Madonna song, “strike a pose”. Firstly, choose your baddie picture from your gallery. Secondly, go to the App Store and download the “Pics Art” app. Thirdly, upload that picture of yourself into the app, in the app, you can choose which beer logo you want to be featured with using the “Add Photo Tool” or the sticker option where you have to type “beer”.  Additionally, the Pics Art app lets you do the finishing touches as you fiddle with it a little, so don’t be shy! After that, you’re done, share it to TikTok using the #beerposter hashtag, and that’s it!

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Who’s Doing The Beer Poster Challenge on TikTok?

Who’s doing this trend on TikTok? Mostly western hemisphere girls who want to showcase their body for hot summer days. The same girls who did the album cover challenge, or the vogue challenge, and most recently, the Adult Swim challenge. All of which share the same production modus operandi we shared with you earlier. If you want a tip from us, don’t delete “Pics Art”, as all of these trends are using it.

The aesthetics of it relies on doing the trend and posting everywhere for clout. Some girls go as far as to print the poster so they can gift it to their boyfriends. And which proud boyfriend wouldn’t want to have a gorgeous beer model to showcase as their significant other for this hot summer of 2021? But even though this trend has well over sixty million uploads, read to the very end of this article to learn what the beer companies think of these videos.

Beer Companies Awfully Quiet About This Trend

With so many beer companies with a strong presence on the popular video-sharing app TikTok, it’s kind of surprising that they haven’t jumped on the #beerposter bandwagon, as it is a free opportunity to showcase content creation and original ideas. And that’s exactly what Ocean Spray did last year with Nathan Apodcaca as he uploaded a video of him drinking some cranberry juice while cruising on his skateboard to the tunes of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”, sending off the song into the charts in Spotify and causing a massive trend.

Why wouldn’t a beer company take advantage of all this massive free advertising? For one part, beer companies are always very conscious of what kind of content they want to promote. They cannot verify that the creator shares the same values as the brand, and that’s a marketing fundamental. Also, they can’t be sure that the user posting the video is of legal drinking age: So imagine the Public Relations chaos if a beer company showcases a very exquisite and delicately produced TikTok video showing a scantily dressed underage girl. That has the word “lawsuit” written all over it.

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