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What To Expect From How To Be Thirty Episode 8?

How to be thirty

Not Yet Thirty is an ongoing South Korean drama. Starring Jung In Sun, Kang Min Hyuk, Ahn Hee Yeon, Song Jae Rim, Cha Min Ji, and Baek Sung Chul. The drama is about a group of friends in their thirties and how they deal with their life problems. The first look and teaser of the drama were aired in February. The fans got utterly excited for their favorite actor and actress to be on screen. The brand new pairing of the actors Jung In Sun and Kang Min Hyuk is very much appreciated by their fans.

Not Yet Thirty

A still from How To Be Thirty

A Quick Recap of Episode 7

Episode 7 of How to Be thirty starts with Seo Ji Won’s nostalgic reminder about a past incident. A cafe where she is seen sitting with her past lover who dumps her terribly by hurting her self-esteem and telling her harsh words on her face. Quickly soon after the recapitulation of the past, Seo Ji Won is seen back in her present life sitting beside Lee Seung Yoo in a car. The two love birds later go out for a date. But Seo Ji Won couldn’t stop thinking about Lee Hye Ryeong who keeps calling Lee Seung Yoo and she is afraid the two might have a thing together. Later we see Hong Ah Young and Seo Ji Won having a comfortable conversation together to clear their minds. Seo Ji Won is terribly affected by the mere existence of Lee Hye Ryeong and goes out for a jog later.

Not Yet Thirty

A still from How to be thirty

Then again we see Hyung Joon Young and Lee Ran Joo are still not opening about their feeling openly while Lee Seung Yoo is head over heels for Seo Ji Won. Further, we see Lee Ran Joo bringing another guy to Hong Ah Young’s cafe in front of Hyung Joon Young. She acts harshly on him at first but later melts away soon, followed by a sweet confession from Hyung Joon Young. Sweetness overflows in the episode when Seo Ji Won suddenly receives a whole lot of love from Lee Seung Yoo outside the elevator, but suddenly gets an interruption call from the team leader and the mood goes away. Later Seo Ji Won feels pathetic for feeling relieved that the call was not from the mysterious  Lee Hye Ryeong. She is afraid that their relationship might just spoil because of her doubts, but it’s mandatory for her to get clarity. Finally, she gathers the strength and asks Lee Seung Yoo that who is Lee Hye Ryeong?

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What to expect from How to be Thirty Episode 8

Not Yet Thirty

A still from How To Be Thirty

The 8th episode will be a continuation of the 7th episode. The answer to the question about Lee Hye Ryeong’s identity may reveal in the 8th episode. Further, we will also see Seo Ji Won feeling pressurized about the fact that her relationship may end soon with Lee Seung Yoo. She is afraid her asking the question might make him feel uncomfortable. Later she sees Lee Seung Yoo hugging a girl from far and misinterprets the whole thing in her head. Also, we’ll see Hyung Joon Young and Lee Ran Joo coming closer and opening more and more about their feelings to each other.

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How to Be Thirty Episode 8 Release Date

Not Yet Thirty

The cast of How To Be Thirty

How To Be Thirty Episode 8 will release on 20th March that is just less than two days from now. How to be thirty can be watched every Tuesday and Saturday on Kakao Tv at 17:00 KST. The drama has a total of 15 episodes and will end on 13th April 2021. Apart from the original network, it can also be watched on Viki anytime with Subtitles.

Life at thirty is of course not easy and we get a clear glimpse of it at the drama. So if you haven’t yet watched the show you must. The drama is based on a webtoon named “Something About 30” by Hye Won and is also popularly known as not yet thirty. The drama is already a hit with more than a 13million views in the first two weeks of airing. So are you excited for the next episode and who is your favorite pair in the show do let us know?

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