How Many Episodes Will Platinum End have?

How many episodes will Platinum End have
How many Episodes Will Platinum End have?

Ohba and Obata have often surprised fans with genius levels of work. Starting with Death Note, the duo also released Bakuman. After Bakuman, the duo came together one more time to give us a battle royale action manga titled ‘Platinum End’. The manga was received quite well by the readers, leading to its anime adaptation in the fall of 2021. Currently ongoing, Platinum End is racing hearts with unpredictable turns and twists. The anime has several brilliant characters and a plot that brutally depicts both the dark and bright sides of humanity. Starting in the fall, the anime will continue for a while. How many episodes will Platinum End have? Platinum End is incorporated with a lot of hopes given that it’s from the geniuses of the manga industry. However, it has been receiving some mixed reviews from its viewers.

Platinum End is based on the manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. The manga was launched by Shueisha in 2015 and it ran for 14 volumes till 2021. Its anime adaptation aired in the fall of 2021 and is currently ongoing. It has been adapted by Signal M.D studio. Platinum End has received some huge backlash, as viewers claim that it is not as sophisticated as Ohba and Obata’s most popular creation, Death Note. The anime has earned a 6.9 rating on MAL. However, the anime is barely halfway through and viewers might have a change of mind in the latter part of the anime.

How many episodes will Platinum End have? Here’s everything you need to know about the anime’s scheduled end.

Platinum End: Plot

Mirai Kakehashi has always lived a tough life where he is tormented by his uncle and aunt. After his parents died in a tragic car accident, Mirai has been living with his relatives. However, their constant ill-treatment leads him into depression and suicidal thoughts. Reaching his limits, Mirai gives up and decides to kill himself. However, when he jumps from a building, he is saved from an angel who introduces herself as Nasse. Nasse gives him two options, to either accept the power she offers or die. When Mirai’s hopeless self chooses to die, Nasse changes her mind and gives him the power of flight through a pair of wings and two types of powerful arrows: a red arrow to control another person and a white arrow to kill.

Mirai is still unconvinced about living on but when Nasse reveals that it was his uncle and aunt who had killed his parents for money, Mirai uses the red arrow to make his aunt confess. Once confirmed, Mirai tells Nasse that he only wishes to be happy. At this, Nasse makes another revelation that he has been chosen as a God candidate among 13 others. The last one standing will become God. Unwillingly, he is forced to join the game. As he continues, he meets with all kinds of threats, pain, bonds, and people.

Platinum End
Platinum End.

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How Many Episodes will Platinum End have?

Platinum End premiered on October 7, 2021. At the time of writing, the anime has 11 episodes. New episodes of the anime air locally on Japanese television on TBS and BS11 every Friday. Platinum End will have 24 episodes. Keeping the one-week difference in mind between each episode, the anime will conclude towards the beginning of March 2022, given that there are no breaks in between.

The anime will soon enter the second part of season 1. The new ending theme of the anime titled “Last Straw” will be performed by Kuhaku Gokko.

Platinum End episodes
Platinum End

So far, the anime has introduced several main characters, including the major antagonist of the show, Metropoliman. There are still several mysteries to be solved and obstacles to be crossed.

The Platinum End anime will also probably conclude by exhausting the entire source manga. Whether the anime will make changes to the ending or follow the manga till the very end remains unclear.

Where to watch Platinum End?

Platinum End grew very popular quickly given its makers. The anime is currently streaming on Hulu and Funimation.

Where to read Platinum End?

Platinum End was published by Shueisha. The manga can be found digitally on Viz Media or Shueisha’s Manga Plus app.

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