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How I Met Your Mother: Synopsis And Ending Explained

There have been a lot of American sitcoms till now, but a few of them have achieved the heights of greatness. “How I Met Your Mother” is one of those hugely hit American sitcoms. However, there have always been discussions about the ending of the show. That is mostly because the ending was a rather controversial one, according to the fans and the audience. The show that ended in the year 2014 after a long run of nine seasons is once again in the news. Although, that is not because it is getting a sequel for a story forward. But the show is kind of getting a spin-off, and it is rather interesting.

“How I Met Your Mother” explored the story of a character named Ted telling his kids about how he met their mother. On the other hand, the new show will focus on the kid’s mother telling her side of the story about how she met their father. Therefore the show is titled “How I Met Your Father” and fans are eagerly waiting for the show. Moving on, the lead actress of the new show Hilary Duff recently shared a picture on her Instagram account. The picture she posted was taken on the set of the upcoming show. This picture and news about it started making rounds on the internet and got the netizens talking about the original show and its ending.

How I Met Your Mother ending

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother: Synopsis

The story started with the character Ted Mosby who narrates the story to his kids about how he met their mother. The series shows Ted looking for the true love of his life in the city of New York. Then there are his friends Marshall Eriksen, Lily Aldrin, and Barney Stinson. They all are often seen sitting in their regular choice of the bar having snacks and drinks. The show is mostly based on love.

Therefore, it shows the love lives of all these characters and their ups and downs. Marshall and Lily have been in a relationship for nine years now, and they even get engaged. Feeling the pressure of his friends getting married, he embarks on a journey to find his one true love. His other friend Barney is a flirt and womanizer and mostly believes in one-night stands or the concept of no strings attached.

How I Met Your Mother ending

A still from “How I Met Your Mother”

Ted first falls for a new girl named Robin Scherbatsky, who wants to be a journalist. She rejects the feelings of Ted in the beginning but eventually realizes she too has feelings for him when starts dating another girl. Eventually, Ted and Robin get into a relationship. The story moves on, and they break up later because they have different views about having a family. Moving fast forward, Ted goes out with several women in different seasons. On the other hand, Robin and Barney get married. However, before Robin marries Barney, Ted confesses his feelings for her. But then he ultimately decides to leave them so both of them can be happy. Moreover, Marshall and Lily have a baby together and start their family together.

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What Happened In The End?

The fans appreciated the series a lot from the beginning to the last season. The series had several twists and turns in every season, and the mystery about the mother was getting the fans excited. However, the finale ruined the experience for most of the fans of the show. Ted went to Robin in the end and stood in front of her house with a blue hornet which was a symbol of romantic gesture between the two.

How I Met Your Mother ending

There was an alternate ending on the DVD release.

His kids encourage him to go after Robin after they realized that he still had feelings for her. The mother was shown and mentioned several times during the show. Tracy McConnell was the mother of the kids and appeared holding a yellow umbrella. But the ending with Robin made the fans furious, and even the critics were disappointed. They all said that one final episode ruined the whole concept of ending the story with the mother. The backlash to the series finale was so big that the showrunners had to put an alternate ending on the DVD release of the show. The alternate ending showed Ted meeting Tracey holding the yellow umbrella. Ted finally said to his kids that this is how he met their mother. This was the most suitable and deserving ending to the show as per the fans and critics.

Where To Watch The Show?

“How I Met Your Mother” was a very popular and hit series. It has amazing character portrayals and a great storyline, except for that controversial ending. Every season of the show had a mystery and ended on a cliffhanger. This had the fans always excited for the new season. The show first premiered on the 19th of September in 2005. Meanwhile, it finally ended on the 31st of March in 2014. The show has a total of nine seasons, and every episode has a runtime of around 22 minutes.

HIMYM ending

How I Met Your Mother

Seasons 1 and 2 had a total of 22 episodes in each season whereas season 3 had 20 episodes. Season 4 to season 9 consists of 24 episodes in each season. “How I Met Your Mother” is available with all seasons to stream on Disney Plus. The show is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video as well.

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