How I Became a Superhero Ending Explained: The Torch Is Passed

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How I Became A Superhero Ending Explained
From How I Became A Superhero Featuring Pio Marmaï As Gary Moreau

France is bringing in their own band of superheroes, it seems. They are no less than many of the super friends around the world we see today. The film, How I Became a Superhero was a classic superhero story to tell. Something much like every superhero movie we have. Individuals running away from being a hero. Wrong people wanting to be a hero. The main superhero carrying past guilt but trying to make things right. Everything was perfectly well played like it’s used to in Superhero flicks. But still, some questions need answers on how they went down. So here is the ending of How I Became a Superhero explained right.

How I Became A Superhero is set in a world where humans and the ones with superpowers co-exist. The movie kind of gives us some X-Men storyline vibes. But the opposite one. In X-Men, we have humans running away from the mutants, as in the ones with superpowers. But here in How I Became a Superhero, the normal individuals want to be like them. These even lead them to take desperate measures and creating a drug that can transfer one’s superpower into another.

How I Became a Superhero Plot Summary

How I Became A Superhero opens up on the streets of Paris with the abduction of Eclipso. A superhero with powers to blind another individual. The next we see is his powers getting transferred to another individual. In this world of superheroes, not everyone is gifted with powers. But everyone wants to be the heroes seen on TV. So a drug starts making rounds in the city that can gift individuals a limited amount of powers for a limited time. But this often leads to havocs when these individuals cant control them.

Plot For How I Became A Superhero
From How I Became A Superhero Featuring Pio Marmaï As Gary Moreau and Vimala Pons As Cécile Schaltzmann

Detectives Gary and Cecile starting on a bumpy relationship, began investigating this drug. This leads them to a number of students taking it, and they eventually save them. To get more insight into this drug, Gary approaches his old cop friend Monte. Meanwhile, we realize that a man named Naja is smuggling these tubes that contain superpowers. Gary also takes help from Callista, who has the power of looking into the future, but she declines to help.

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Naja is working towards kidnapping a girl named Lily who can spill thunder from her eyes. Soon an investigation leads Gary and Cecile to one of Naja’s prominent smugglers. So, Naja and his men attack the police station to rescue their boy while almost killing Cecile. Until Gary uses his superpowers to float her in the air to make the save. Meanwhile, on the other side of things, Naja succeeds in getting his boy out and realizes the powers of Gary. But one way or another, he kills the boy for getting caught in the process. Naja also continues and kidnaps more superhero kids and steals their powers. These include a girl named Lily and students of Callista. The next target is Gary.

How I Became a Superhero Ending Explained

Gary’s Past

Throughout the movie, we see Gary’s past unfolding and revealing why, despite having superpowers, and he doesn’t use them. The dark past is revealed towards the ending of How I Became a Superhero. Callista tells this story to Cecile. There was a time when Callista, and her friends Monte, and another superhero named Gigaman were on a super team. They called themselves the Pack Royale. Their job was to aid the cops and government and catch criminals. They observed Gary doing the same and realizing he has superpowers too.

Gary's Past Explained
From How I Became A Superhero Featuring Pio Marmaï As Gary Moreau and Clovis Cornillac as Gigaman

So, Pack Royale invited Gary to their team. Gigaman believed in him, but Gary doesn’t work on controlling his powers. This leads Gigaman to take desperate measured while hunting a criminal. He asks Gary just to hide while he will take care of the situation. The criminal holds Gigaman at gunpoint. Wanting to help, Gary uses his powers to attack criminals, but the shot is taken. It doesn’t hit Gigaman but the cylinders behind him. Thus leading to a big blast that kills Gigaman. Now this girl Naja has kidnapped is none other than Gigaman’s daughter, and Gary has more motivation to work.

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Naja’s Past

Towards the ending of How I Became a Superhero, Investigating Lily’s disappearance leads Cecile and Monte to a woman named Elizabeth. She is more like a psychiatrist to Superheroes. Before that, she was part of superhero research that kicked her out because of a case. These included a 10-year-old kid named Matthews with powers of Hypnosis. He couldn’t control them, resulting in a number of psychological problems.

Naja's Past Explained
From How I Became A Superhero Featuring Swann Arlaud, Camille Japy as Elisabeth Caghiere and Léonie Souchaud as Lily

The parents approached the research for help by removing the powers apart, but the firm denied it. Elizabeth, who worked there, wanted to do the experiment. She went on to do that and succeeded. But removing the powers worsened the kid’s condition, and he went crazy. This man is revealed to be Naja, whose power for hunger has led him to steal them from other people today, and Elizabeth knows this and tries to connect with Naja.

The Final Moments Of How I Became A Superhero

How I Became A Superhero towards the ending sees Lily getting kidnapped along with two more kids, leads Callista to look into the future. She realizes the two kids are dead and informs Gary. Well, he asks her to leave until she sees Cecile and sees the future again. There are Naja’s goons coming, so she rescues Cecile in time, but Gary is caught. But they together make the rescue for the unconscious Gary, whose powers are overreacting. Amidst this, Callista tells the story of Gary to Cecile.

How I Became A Superhero Final Moments
From How I Became A Superhero Featuring Pio Marmaï As Gary Moreau and Swann Arlaud as Naja

On the other side, Elizabeth visits Naja to rescue Lily. She begs to help, but he declines. Elizabeth takes desperate measures and calls the police. Thus leading Cecile, Monte, and Callista there. Naja tries to run away, asking his people to take the tubes. But they fail while Naja takes Lily away. Until Gary makes an appearance. Naja keeps stealing Lily’s powers to fight until Lily realizes how she can use hers. Naja backs off a little with Gary taking a chance and finally putting Naja down.

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As Cecile, Lily, and Gary leave, Naja declines to lose and take the last two tubes of power. Gary grabs him and takes him to the sky, where Naja explodes into thin air. While everyone watches on, Gary manages to come alive. The movie closes in with Monte and Callista back together, listening to their glory. Cecile getting a promotion and falling in love with Gary. Lastly, Lily sketching her superhero suit, hinting the torch is passed on. You can rewatch How I Became A Superhero On Netflix.

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