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How Did Nagato Get His Rinnegan? The Birth Of Pain & Rinnegan Explained

How Did Nagato Get His Rinnegan?
Nagato with Rinnegan

Hello everyone, today we will talk about one of the most important characters of Naruto Shippuden and the Leader of the Akatsuki Pain. To be more precise, we will talk about the Nagato, the one who was controlling all six paths of Pain. But before starting this article, we want to let you know that this article contains heavy spoilers regarding the whole Naruto Shippuden series, which might spoil your fun. If you don’t want to get spoiled, you can skip this article. So now, let’s begin our article.

Nagato, i.e., the controller of six paths of Pain, belonged to Uzumaki Clan and was born in Village hidden in the rain. They were three friends, Yahiko, Konan, and Nagato, living peacefully. One day they met a Shinobi who changed their life by teaching them Ninjutsu. That Shinobi was none other than the great Jiraya. After some years, war breaks out between Rain Village and Konoha, costs many innocent lives. The one life that cost was the life of Yahiko, which turns out to be the first introduction of actual rinnegan in the series. So how did Yahiko get his Rinnegan? Well, let’s discuss this in detail.

How Did Nagato Get His Rinnegan & The Creation of Pain:

So let’s find out how did Nagato get his Rinnegan and how Pain emerged from Nagato. Rinnegan is one of the most powerful dojutsu in the entire Naruto Universe, which allows its user to wield the power of the sage of the six paths. The user can use repulsive and attractive forces as deva path, mechanically alter the other’s body as Ashura path, extract souls as a human path, summon various summoning animals as an animal path, and can absorb chakra from preta path. Nagato had all six abilities, but he distributed each ability into six puppet corpses, including his best friend Yahiko’s. He named Pain to the corpse of Yahiko and made him the leader of Akatsuki as he was the one who founded Akatsuki to enlighten the world. This is how Pain was created.

If we talk about how Nagato gets Rinnegan, so the answer is, The eyes were implanted by Madara Uchiha when he was a toddler. Madara wants to hide rinnegan in a perfect place until he is revived. He chose Nagato only because he belonged to the Uzumaki clan, which is known for high chakra reserves than normal humans. Madara wanted to achieve his peace plan, but later, he realized that he was near to his natural death, and it could only be achieved when he got revive. So to avoid rinnegan getting lost or stolen, he chooses Nagato as he was living in a peaceful rain village where the chances of war were very less at that time. Madara also appoints an agent known as Obito to steer Nagato towards his ultimate aim. A question might come to your mind, how did Nagato get two Rinnegan because we know the first Rinnegan was created by Madara by gathering Hashirama cells which were the incarnation of Ashura. Well, the answer is, when Madara was on the verge of his Natural death, he managed to awaken his Rinnegan, which he implants to Nagato. This is how Nagato gets the Rinnegan in both his eyes.

How Did Nagato Get His Rinnegan?

Nagato With Rinnegan

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How Rinnegan is Awakened?

Now, we will discuss how one can possess Rinnegan. According to some people, Rinnegan can be awakened by mixing of Senju DNA with Uchiha DNA. But this information is completely wrong. You can’t grant the rinnegan by doing the above thing. According to Kabuto, the Rinnegan is the advanced form of Sharingan and can only be obtained by the user who possesses Sharingan, but this is something not totally correct too. The correct way of getting a Rinnegan is by combining the Chakra of Indra Otsusuki and Ashura Otsusuki because Hogoromo’s( The First wielder of Rinnegan) powers were split into his offsprings Indra and Ashura. If anyone combines their power, he will get the power of the sage of the six paths. So this is how one can get Rinnegan.

How Did Nagato Get His Rinnegan?

Yahiko’s corpse with fake Rinnegan

More About Naruto Series:

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden is a manga-based anime written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. The story revolves around a boy who had no parents and was deserted by the Village because of the nine tails( a demonic fox who caused extreme destruction many years ago) sealed inside him. Iruka Sensei was the first one who accepted Naruto and taught him some jutsus. As the series progresses, Naruto gets accepted by many people and becomes the student of a legendary Sanin, Jiraya. Sasuke, one of the Naruto’s friend, betray Konoha and becomes the rogue Ninja. Naruto chased him and got him at the end of the series. This is the shortest summary of the anime, but the anime is filled with the best OST, emotional moments, and goosebumps moments. This anime will motivate you to work towards your goal irrespective of what hurdles you face. Naruto, the guy who got alienated in his own Village, became the Hokage of his Village.

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Naruto Anime

So this was all in today’s article. We will see you soon with more awesome articles. Until then, Goodbye.

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