House Of Cards Season 6 Release Date, Trailer Released

The much-awaited political drama House of Cards is returning to Netflix next month. A trailer was released today earlier in the day. The trailer shows Claire Underwood played by Robin Wright as the first female president of the United States surrounded by enemies in the East, enemies in the North, enemies in the West and enemies in the South. It also shows that Doug Stamper is going to play an even more prominent role in the upcoming season. He is not on good terms with Claire and from the looks of it is working against her. He is shown to be trying to expose her. But he is not a saint either. If Claire knows or finds out what he did with Rachel Posner, poor Doug is going to be in a lot of trouble.

House Of Cards Season 6: What We Know

In a sign that things are going up a notch, she says “The first female President of the United States is not gonna keep her mouth shut.” What a natural born politician!

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The fate of Frank Underwood is going to be the biggest question of this season. Kevin Spacey who played Frank Underwood was fired from the show after reports of sexual misconduct by him surfaced. It is being said that he is dead in the upcoming season. If that is indeed the case then who killed him? From the way Doug is shown after Claire, it is not hard to guess.

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The trailer also gave glimpses of the violence that is to come and let us warn you; it isn’t a pretty sight!

The sixth season is said to be the last season of the show and will have only ten episodes.

It remains to be seen how the show fairs in the absence of the Spacey whose role was pivotal in the show. On top of that, there was a criticism of weakening plot in the last season. We’ll find all our answers when the show premieres on November 15.

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