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Hospital Playlist Season 3: Release & Renewal Status

Hospital Playlist Season 3 Renewal Status
Hospital Playlist Season 3 Renewal Status

Last Updated on September 19, 2021 by OtakuKart Staff

Stop looking elsewhere for the Hospital Playlist Season 3 renewal status. We got that right here for you in Otakukart! Firstly, the Hospital Playlist is a Korean series that revolves around a group of friends in medical school. Besides saving lives, their passion also involves music and their quotidian life. In this article, we will cover the current status of this series. Many people wonder if the showrunners and the production company decided to renew it or cancel it. We finally clear the smoke on this series and give you a definitive answer.

Hospital Playlist features Jo Jung-suk, Yoo Yeon-seon, and Kim Dae-myng, and Chae Song-hwa in a series full of medicine and love life. And of course, music! Moreover, Lee Woo-jung wrote this popular series, and Shin Won-ho is in charge of the general direction. Additionally, season one aired on South Korean TV in March 2020. After that, Netflix picked it up as part of their ever-constant effort to expand their catalog with great acceptance. Now jump with us as we tell you everything we can regarding this Korean series renewal status.

Hospital Playlist Season 3 Renewal Status

Hospital Playlist Season 3 Renewal Status

Hospital Playlist Season 3 Renewal Status

Unfortunately, Hospital Playlist season 3 will not happen. The Korean series is officially canceled. The cast and crew ended season 2 on good terms. They don’t have a plan for season 3 in the near future. During a press event for the show’s second round, Shin Won-ho, the show’s creator and director, stated that the drama’s initial goal was to continue for three years. After that, however, he informed the performers that they could pursue other projects since the details were not yet known. This implies that there is little possibility that this medical comedy-drama will be revived. However, considering that the cast members have already committed to new professional commitments, it may not be until Spring 2023.

Hospital Playlist Season 3 Plot and Cast

‘Hospital Playlist’ is a South Korean television series about a group of physicians who have been buddies since medical school in 1999. They’ve all had their ups and downs in life, but when they’re together, they’re unstoppable. They have a passion for music and are well acquainted. The series chronicles their experiences as they balance job, love, and family obligations because the program revolves around physicians and friends.

We may anticipate the prominent cast members to return if a third season is approved. Jo Jung-suk (Lee Ik-jun), Yoo Yeon-Seok (Ahn Jeong-won), Jung Kyung-ho (Kim Jun-wan). Kim Dae-Myung (Yang Seok-hyeong), and Jeon Mi-do are among those involved (Chae Song-Hwa). Some performers may also continue to appear in recurrent roles. Ahn Eun-jin (Choo Min-ha), Shin Hyun-been (Jang Gyeo-wool), Ha Yoon-Kyung (Heo Sun-bin), Kwak Sun-young (Lee Ik-sun), Kim Joon (Lee Woo-Joo), and Kim Hae-sook are the characters (Jung Rosa).

Hospital Playlist Season 3 Renewal Status

Hospital Playlist Season 3 Renewal Status

Hospital Playlist Season 2 Recap

The Hospital Playlist season 2 ends with a great conclusion in its story arc that neatly wraps off each character’s story. The tension becomes greatly amplified in the last episode because all of the doctors are confronted with challenging operations. Some of which have positive results and others which do not. We see how devoted and talented they all are once again, and one thing is sure: viewers will miss them. Like many other K-dramas of its kind, Hospital Playlist has a great mix of comedy, romance, and suspense. Moreover, the program produced an outstanding second season.

Of course, there were some amusing moments, the most memorable being when Song-Hwa revealed to her pals that she was dating Ik-Jun. Their response was hilarious, and the performers’ chemistry was flawless as always. Everyone has a happy ending, and even Jun-Wan and Ik-Sun seem to have reunited. Seok-Hyeong has also managed to get his mother’s approval for his fiancée before ever seeing her, while Jeong-Won and Gyeo-Wool are going to the United States together. But, unfortunately, this was a sad time for our five friends, as they learned this was their last band practice. And with that, we wrap up our coverage of the Hospital Playlist here at Otakukart. Thank you for reading this article, and please keep coming back for more.

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