Hometown Episode 11: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

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Hometown Episode 11

Hometown is finally reaching its ending, and now we are down to only two episodes. The Korean thriller drama has unveiled some uneasy truths about the characters. However, we are not done yet. Some unanswered questions still capture a place in our minds, and so the anticipation for the next episodes is just massive. To provide an update regarding your already made theories about the upcoming episodes, this article is all about the release date of Episode 11 of the series with also a glimpse of its preview.

Previous episodes of Hometown showcased an angle of a Guru, whose existence has been mentioned several times. Something is cooking in Jo Kyung-Ho’s mind, which involves Inspector Choi. Jung-Hyun is dead scared about her sister Jae-young who is among some religious groups. What exactly is Jo Kyung-Ho’s role in the murders of some people is still not clear.

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Hometown Episode 11 Release Date

Hometown Episode 11 is slated to release on 27th October 2021. The episodes go on air every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30 pm that is 10:30 pm in KST. Directed by Park Hyun-seok, the series gets telecasted on its original network tvN. Every episode is more than 1 hour long. The show also has subtitles in many languages so international viewers won’t have a problem.

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Hometown Episode 11 Streaming Details

Korean drama Hometown has launched on the original network tvN. For the natives, that is, people living in Korea, there is no problem in availing this drama.

A still from episode 10 of the series

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Hometown Episode 10 Recap – Spoiler Alert

Im In-Gwan, the Assemblyman of the foundation One Family Welfare Centre, gets informed that Jo Kyung- Ho has escaped from prison. While having a conversation with one of his men regarding this, Im-Gwan is planning to involve Inspector Choi in it. He is definitely planning something against him. On the other hand, Choi Hyung-In is still recovering from his injuries. At some point, he seems to be hallucinating about some unknown figures around him. Meanwhile, in prison, an unexpected turn took place where people were getting mercilessly killed. It even included Jo Kyung-Ho’s inmate. He got killed in front of him, still, there was not a single shift in his expression. Well, the person who is responsible for mass murders is least expected to show emotions in such cases.

Jung-Hyun visits the Assemblyman who mentions about a Purification Day. It seems to have some connectivity with the incident that took place at the filtration plant.

Kyung-Ho mentions that he doesn’t have a home, to begin with. Maybe he never had one. Dr. Lee got his hands on the mysterious tape which showed Jo Jae-young in it. She is yelling to let her go out. At the end of the video, Jo Kyung-Ho appears, which leaves the doctor gobsmacked.

Ending Of Episode 10

Inspect Choi reaches Dr.Lee’s house, where he finds out that he has already watched the tape recording. The Dr. started seeing the mysterious woman who appears every time someone watches the recording. Finally, Jae-young returns to her home. The episode ends with a scene in which Kyung-Ho is watching from afar the Assemblyman crying while his daughter’s lifeless body lays in front of him.

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Possible Storyline Of Upcoming Hometown Episode 12

Inspector Choi’s wife had a relationship with Jo Kyung-Ho. When she passed away, he couldn’t get over it. Is it because of this reason why Kyung-Ho became such a barren soul? Also, what is going on in Kyung Ho’s mind will also be known in the next episodes.

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Hometown Episode 11
A still of Kyung-Ho from Hometown

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