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Homeland Ending Explained: Did Carrie Betray Her Country?

Last year, one of the best spy shows in the history of television came to an end. With its eighth season, the psychological thriller Homeland came to an ending with something nobody expected. The show has been premiering since 2011. Based on the Israeli series Prisoners of War created by Gideon Raff, Fox 21 took the honors to produce the show while Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa lead the development team. The show has some A-list celebs with a story that keeps to sitting straight in front of their television, not wanting to miss a single moment from the show.

The Homeland follows a CIA operations officer, Carrie Mathison. Carrie has her doubts about a person who was held captive by Al-Qaeda. A former marine named Nicholas Brody was captured by the terrorist group when he was an active soldier on duty. As he just returned to his country, Carrie has a tip from inner sources that Brody might not be who he shows he is. Not knowing his true intentions, he might be a significant risk to national security. The ending of Homeland was something that took everybody by surprise. Although those who were paying attending to ho the show was going, it was kind of predictable.

Homeland Ending

How It All Begin: Doubting The War Hero

It all began when Carrie Mathison came back from the field along with a war prisoner Nicholas Brody. Having her own doubts and not willing to take the risk, she went on to keep an eye on Nicholas. Looking at Brody, he was a war prisoner for eight years. As he came back home after being rescued, he became a war hero and was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant. Suffering from PTSD and getting to know that his wife has gotten together with his friend, he decides to address the media about the thing he has gone through. Still doubting him, Carrie takes the help of Saul Berenson to look out for him as he might be giving a coded message out there. And it turns out that he was plotting a suicide bombing plan at an official meeting. At one point, he tries to back out from the plan but decides to go on with it to prove his loyalty.

Months later, Brody enters the House of Representatives, representing Virginia’s 7th congressional district. But after being the suspect behind many attacks and drug deals in the country, he becomes one of the world’s most wanted fugitives. Saul and Carrie offer Brody a chance to start over by seeking political asylum in Iran. On the option of assassinating the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. But as he reaches Iran in order to meet the Corps, the matter becomes worse. And he is found guilty of being an enemy of the State and sentenced to death. By the ending of the third season of Homeland, Nicholas is hanged to death.

Homeland Ending

The Ending Of Homeland Explained!

In the finale of season 8, we saw Carrie in Russia. She became the thing she swore to destroy once. A betrayal to her home country. But how did that even happened? As in the seventh season, we say Carrie was being tortured by the Russians. It was hard to digest that she went on to work for them. But as quoted by Saul himself that we should not miss looking at the important thing no matter how small they are. We should not judge Carrie that easily as it wasn’t easy for her either. To betray one’s own country takes a lot of courage, especially when there is the risk of life on both sides.

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The Release From The Russian Torture And Come Back To The Field

We saw Carrie under the custody of the Russian Intelligence. She has no access to her antipsychotic medication, making the situation worse for her minute by minute. But months later, Saul comes to her rescue again. Negotiating with the officials to let her out, he managed to get her out of prison. Later on, we see Carrie recovering at the hospital. She is back on her meds and trying to function. And as much as she and Saul want her to get back at work, her doctors and the officials think otherwise. There are reasons that she can’t get back to the CIA and even get executed over the questions about her time in Russia and her relationship with Yevgeny.

But Saul trusts her, and he wants her to get back on the field. He needs her help in the negotiation for a fragile peace between the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan. And he is successful in reinstating her at Kabul Station but under the purview of the NSA. As expected, there were many complications between the team and Carrie, and none of them really helped in making the situation better. And it definitely doesn’t help when Yevgeny is also working in Kabul for a mission that nobody has information about.

Homeland Ending

The Helicopter Blast

As she gets back on the field in Afghanistan, she doesn’t work along with the official orders. She has unnotified meetings with Yevgeny that the team doesn’t like and is on the verge of doubting her. On the other hand, the meetings are being done with ministers to stop the war from starting. After all the meetings are done and the decisions made, the presidents are on their way to sign the peacemaker when the helicopter they were in blast-off. The blame for the blast automatically goes on the Taliban, creating chaos in the US, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. But it wasn’t the case if it was not Taliban but a mechanical glitch.

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The whole glitch is recorded in the black box of the helicopter that is safe and sound but in the hands of Russians. In order to get the box, Carrie runs away with Yevgeny from the field, making everyone think she betrayed her country.

Betraying The Mentor

Betraying Saul is what makes people hate Carrie. As she tried to ‘save’ her country from a nuclear conflict between the United States and Pakistan, she decided to do something unacceptable. She went on to make a trading deal with the Russian spies by trading her mentor and friend Saul Berenson. She gives them the identity and personal information of Saul’s detective to get her hands on the black box recording. While trying to get the information from Saul, she had to go the hard way, which isn’t something to be proud of. At first, she asked him, not really explaining why she needs to know. But as he refused to tell her, she goes and fakes an assassination attack. She went onto inform Saul’s sister that he had a heart attack and getting the information that she needed.

Homeland Ending

The recording was the only source to prove that it was not the Taliban behind the plane crash. In the Black Hawk helicopter crash that killed American and Afghan presidents, while everybody was blaming the Taliban. It was actually a mechanical malfunction in the helicopter. As she manages to get the recording, she manages to telecast it in the country, saving the major countries going on war and risk the lives of civilians.

The Ending: Carrie’s Life After Betraying Her Homeland

Even though Carrie helped in the cancelation of war, her choosing to leak her mentor’s information caused her the reputation and the career she had left. She was now a major suspect who was helping a traitor with Russian GRU officer Yevgeny. For two years, we have no idea where she vanished. But then we see her in Russia, living with Yevgeny in a luxe Moscow penthouse. Trying to justify herself, she went on to publish a book titled “Betrayed My Country”. In her memoir, she explains that why she chose Russia over the USA. By this, we thought the ending of Homeland would be her finally retiring and making amends with herself.

But the thought is long gone as Saul appears in Russia. He receives a copy of her book along with a secret message. It turns out that Carrie was trading messages through an agent, giving Saul the information he could need. And he does get a note with Russian intelligence and a promise of more to come. She did destroy the secret agent that Saul planted in Russia. By the ending of Homeland, she took the responsibility and became the agent herself. For her country.

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