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Home Before Dark Season 2: All You Need To Know

This Friday is going to be very special for all the fans of Home Before Dark because the creators are going to drop out of the second installment of the series. Apple TV Plus will list the new installment on their platform on the 11th of June 2021. We have seen that it has almost been over a year that we last saw an episode of Home Before Dark. There a variety of changes that Apple has decided to put into the new season of this series. Last time, with the first outing, we witnessed that the episodes were all released on the same day at the same time on the streaming platform. But as for the case of Home Before Dark season 2, we are going to have the series with us weekly, dropping each episode, as per its own pace.

You all might now be wondering about what the second season of this series is going to look like. Thus, here we have mentioned some spoilers and if a reader, does not feel comfortable, please feel free to skip this part. Now, the Home Before Dark season 2 is going to throw light on a new mystery that will focus on Eerie Harbor. Obviously, we can expect the story to tie the knots which were left loose back in the first season given the suspense revolving around Richie. We saw how this character went missing that one fateful night a long time ago. We will be given all the answers to the questions which were raised by the potential cliffhanger that was put at the end of season 1.

Home Before Dark Season 2 - Release Date and Spoilers

A still from Home Before Dark Season 1

Even though Richie went missing, the ending gave us a possibility that he might actually have escaped his captivators. On the other hand, the light will also be shared by the enthusiastic reporter, that is, Hilde Lisko. She will be seen trying to get to the bottom of a very mysterious explosion that took place at a local farm. This is when she comes to face to face which the truth about a plague that is making everyone in Eerie Harbor quite sick. Also, we still do not know the reason why Richie was kidnapped or maybe disappeared. Given that he is desperately trying to escape, we can say that he was forced into this situation. The fans guess that Richie might have seen something that he should not have.

Home Before Dark Season 2 Release Date

Now, if you consider yourself a fan of the series and are hoping to watch it, but do not know where to, then we have got you covered. The only way to access this shoe tomorrow at the time of its release is by tuning into Apple TV plus. Sadly, there is no other way that you can watch this show. Also, the episodes will likely never release on Netflix because Apple TV Plus and it are competitors in the streaming wars. Coming back, we have been updated that the episodes are going to drop out each week on Friday. Generally, Apple releases a few episodes on the main release date and then starts airing the rest of the content weekly. But this time, it looks like we will only be getting one episode per week. Home Before Dark season 2 episode 1 will drop out on Apple TV Plus on the 11th of June 2021 at 3 am according to Eastern Time.

If you live in Asia or any other continent, you will have to check the time according to your particular zone. Now, there has been a lot of time since we had the first season of the show with us, thus, here is a bit of a recap for all the fans. Back in Home Before Dark season 1, we witnessed that a young girl shifts to a small lakeside town that he father has left behind for her. She was previously living in Brooklyn but decides to change the course of her life nevertheless. While she is being in this new location, she starts trying to adjust to the people and the surroundings. But soon enough, comes across a cold case that has never been solved before.

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