Holly Madison’s Net Worth: The Former Playboy Model Makes Shocking Revelations In The Newest Docuseries

Holly Madison Net Worth
Holly Madison

Let us take a closer look at Holly Madison’s net worth and career at length. Holly Madison gained fame and recognition as a successful model and television personality. Madison starred in the popular series The Girls Next Door. Later, she went on to star in her series titled Holly’s World. Holly Madison penned down her first memoir titled Down The Rabbit Hole back in 2015. As the book went on to make all the revelations of her life in the Playboy Mansion, it garnered huge attention. So much so that the book enjoyed a top position in the New York Times Best Seller List.

The success of the first book was soon followed by a second memoir. The second memoir, titled, The Vegas Diaries: Romance, Rolling the Dice and the Road to Reinvention. This memoir also received equal attention from book lovers. Holly Madison recently made headlines after featuring in a tell-all docuseries, Secrets Of Playboy. The former model made several shocking revelations about her relationship with the Mansion mogul and how it worsened with time. Madison had to go through so much turmoil that she believed that she had breached her boundaries

What Is Holly Madison’s Net Worth?

Holly Madison’s net worth is estimated to be something around $16 million. Holly Madison has grabbed the media limelight for her tumultuous personal life over the years. Madison has opened up about her relationship with Hugh Hefner. Not only that but the television star has not held back while talking about getting surgeries. While talking about her books, Madison explained that she did not release those memoirs for money or as a form of revenge. She just wanted to tell the world all the dark secrets and the trauma that she had to endure.

Holly Madison Net Worth
Holly Madison And Hugh Hefner

Holly Madison has made some big revelations about her time in the Playboy Mansion. These details will be grabbing high attention as they will be disclosed in the 2022  documentary series Secrets of Playboy. The docuseries has an exclusive interview with Madison and we all got to see never heard before dark facts about the Playboy Mansion.

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Holly Madison Makes Shocking Revelations About Her Relationship!

Holly Madison is not holding back and opening up all about her relationship with Hugh Hefner. The former model who stayed in the  Playboy mansion for a considerable amount of time admitted that it was all very mechanical and robotic. Madison, was 21 years old when she moved into the sprawling mansion and Hefner was 75 years old! Holly described the relationship as a result of Stockholm Syndrome. Take a look at this video clip as Holly Madison stars in the Docuseries for an exclusive interview.

Not only that but Madison went on to reveal that Hefner often provided the models with alcohol and drugs to convince them to do whatever he wanted. The whole treatment of young models in the mansion has often been a subject of media scrutiny. Madison admitted that while she wanted to leave the mansion, she was afraid to do so. Hefner had allegedly kept several intimate pictures of her and Madison did not want those pictures to be leaked. She further revealed how Hefner flipped at her when she chopped her hair short and even forbade her from wearing red lipstick. 

Is Holly Madison Featuring In The Newest Docuseries Secrets of Playboy?

Several former Playboy models have come forward to disclose details that are not only shocking but have turned over some dark pages of the Mansion life. The docuseries includes 10-episodes and recently debuted with a two-hour premiere. Viewers got to see an exclusive new interview with the former model Holly Madison.

Holly Madison Net Worth
Holly Madison And Hugh Hefner

While Holly admitted that she was never physically attracted to Hefner, she surely found him charming. While calling their moments gross, Madison further revealed that it had a heavy impact on her. One of Hefner’s ex-girlfriends, Bridget Marquardt, also agreed on some of Madison’s claims as well. Madison also stated that while living in the mansion, they did isolate from the outer world.