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Preview: Higurashi: When They Cry – Gou Episode 23

Higurashi When They Cry – Gou

Earlier, Satoko got punished for pulling a prank that almost took the life of a student. She learned from her mistakes and reform. Later, She visited the Hinamizawa village with Reka and met with Keiichi and the others. Satoko didn’t want to return to the city. Higurashi: When They Cry – Gou releases the episode finale next week; make sure not to miss it. Let’s find out below what will happen in the present life of Satoko.

In the present, the Oyahsiro curse has summoned Satoko in the afterlife. She is holding the fragments of Reka and Satoka’s life. Only Reka was winning in all of the fragments but, the Oyashiro curse is not pleased with it. She clicked her fingers and revisited Rika and Satoko’s life when they are in the village. Let’s find out what will happen below.

Higurashi: When They Cry – Gou Episode 23 will be released on Friday, 12 March 2021, at 12:30 AM. Watch this Higurashi officially on Funimation, Netflix, and AnimeLab.

Previously on Higurashi: When They Cry – Gou Episode 22

That day Rika and Satoko were arguing about returning to the city. Reka wants to return to the city and study hard to accomplish her dreams. Satoko wants them to stay in the Hinamizawa village. She thinks that Hinamizawa suits them.  She told Rika that she is not a genius like her, and she can force herself to study while she keeps on falling. Satoko is worried that when they reach the city, their life changes since Reka becomes popular.

Satoko will be left alone, and she doesn’t fall on the same level with Reka’s city friends. Reka’s friends are popular and genius students, but only Satoko is considered a village girl. She thinks that returning there will be an embarrassment to her life. Satoko is worried that Reka will be enjoying herself with her friends, and she will be scoring high marks that she cannot afford. She told Reka to chose between her and returning to the city.

Higurashi When They Cry – Gou

Higurashi When They Cry – Gou

Hinamizawa Village

Reka told her that she couldn’t choose any and she wants both Satoko and school. Satoko told Reka that Hinamizawa village is where their life is. She reminds Reka how precious Hinamizawa village is and how they grow up together. Reka tries to reason with Satoko, who insists on staying. Satoko asks Rika to chooses between her and the city again, but Reka became speechless. She jumped inside the road and got hit by a car.

Reka shouts Satoko’s name, but the Oyashiro curses saved her before she dies. She summons her to the afterlife again, and she realizes that Satoko is defeated again. The Oyashiro curse clicked her fingers again and revisited their life. It was in the evening after the incident, Satoko wakes up in the middle of the night. She drags Reka to the top of the mountain. Reka asks Satoka why she is waking her up at this hour.

When they reach there, Satoko told Reka to look at how beautiful Hinamizawa is. She explained everything about Hinamizawa. Satoko thought that Reka would change her mind after hearing her heart-touching speech. She asks Reka what she has decided. Reka replies that she has decided to return to the city and study hard. Satoko told Reka that it’s not happening. She started scratching her neck, and Reka realizes that Oyashiro’s curse possesses her.


Higurashi When They Cry – Gou

Higurashi When They Cry – Gou

Satoko took out a blade and threatened to kill Reka to change her mind about returning to the city. She wants Reka to consider Hinamizwa village as her home and where her life is. Satoko thinks that if she kills Reka, it will be best to revive her; she will change her mind. She told Reka that she’s the priestess and it is sinful for her to leave the Hinamizawa village. Satoko also told Reka that the priestess serves the Oyashiro curse.

Reka replies that the Oyashiro curse has given her the freedom to go anywhere. Before Satoko stabs Reka, the Oyashiro curse summon Satoka to the afterlife. She laughs at Satoka for attempting to change Reka’s mind, but she kept on failing. Satoko told the Oyashiro curse that she wants to see all the fragments of Reka’s life. The Oyashiro curse told her that the fragments contain all of Reka’s past that she has traveled for hundreds of years.

Satoko touched the fragments and revisited Reka’s life; she wanted to find out why she keeps on failing. She travels all the past where Oyashiro cursed everyone. That time anyone who gets possed by a curse has the power to kill everyone in the village alone. Satoko saw how she used to lose every battle when fighting with Reka.

She realizes that she has to change the future for her to win. She heads back to the afterlife and talks with the Oyashiro curse. Satoko told Oyashiro about the new plan of killing Reka and then kills herself. She thinks that her past will be on the same fragment with Reka’sfragment. She said her wish would be fulfilled, and Reka will never return to the city because she loves her.

Higurashi: When They Cry – Gou Episode 23 Preview

Read Higurashi: When They Cry – Gou, don’t miss the episode finale next week.

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