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Herb Dean Net Worth: How Much Money Does the UFC Referee have?

Herb Dean Net Worth
Referee Herb Dean at a popular podcast interview chillin'

Another week, another net worth article. In this one, we cover Herb Dean’s net worth. Just how much money does the Ultimate Fighting Championship popular referee actually have? The question pops up right after the public learned that Herb Dean got a meager $1900 for the Conor McGregor – Dustin Poirer bout 3 at the UFC 263. The American Mixed martial artist got the gig after the Nevada State Athletic Commission ok’ed the event. But if you think Dean got a sour deal for such high-profile matches, the other three judges that held the lightweight competition got $1600 each.

But Herb is all about the sport, because when he learned about he made a nice remark, if you read on the next sections you’ll learn all about it. Let’s get back to African American Mixed Martial Arts referee Herb Dean, in this article, we explain how much is he worth. Additionally, Herb Dean’s net worth rounds about US $1.5 million (around 45 BTC). Did you know that Herb Dean speaks another language? We’ll tell you all about it in the next sections, remember that our Otakukart website posts daily updates of all your favorite trending sports stars. So be sure to keep coming back.

Herb Dean Net Worth: How Much Money Does the UFC Referee have?

American Mixed Martial Arts referee Herb Dean net worth rounds about US $1.5 million. Don’t be surprised, for such a high stakes sport —and its not so recent history— UFC referees make way less than their boxing counterparts —they get about US $40.000 and upwards. But for Herb Dean, it’s all about the sport. When he learned about his salary for UFC 263, everybody —but him— got fired up and started to dig into his earnings. When asked, he commented at the Haymakers verified Instagram post profile that he wasn’t surprised and that it works for him. In the following section, you’ll learn why.

For Herb Dean, the low pay rate is just another thing he takes with his chill. If you haven’t heard one, just take your pick —for there are many— from your favorite search engine and check them out. The man is the master of cool. Everyone in the UFC organization loves the man. From UFC topman Dana White, who said he’s the best, to former commentator and mixed martial artist-turned podcaster Joe Rogan. Dean’s work is just amazing, his interventions in many fights save the lives and better the injury prognosis of the men who compete in these martial arts competitions.

herb dean net worth comments on Instagram

Herb Dean comment on an Instagram post on his salary

Herb Dean Personal Life Facts You Didn’t Know

Here are some things you didn’t know about Ultimate Fighting Championship’s main event regular referee Herb Dean. Firstly, he went to Russia in 1995  to work for a company that made documentaries. And he went there to help them out. It was his first time leaving the United States to America. And that had a big effect on him, he can say a few words and read a few sentences off of signs. Enough to get him by? Maybe. For a referee this cool, salaries vary from competition level. But Herb Dean’s style quickly becomes what MMA experts deem “The Gold Standard” of ruling a match.

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship Golden Standard for Refereeing A Match

Herb Dean’s notoriety as referee goes as back as 2004. In June that year, he had to rule on finishing a match a after witnessing a forearm fracture. That match lasted fifty seconds. Two years later, at UFC 61 in the battle between Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz, he declared the latter winner by technical knockout right after a minute into the first round. Also, in a rematch, he repeated the feat. It’s this style what makes Herb Dean so good. He prevents injuries and possible fatal outcomes for high-risk sports. If athletes want to win, they don’t have to die for it. And if you think of all the fights that man had to settle, that’s a big risk.

herb dean net worth

Herb Dean is the best MMA referee out there.

One move too soon, and the fighter and the business loses. One move too late, and the outcome becomes fatal. It’s high stakes low pay for Herb Dean. But still, he doesn’t care. He cares for the sport, and the sport cares for him. The organization loves him dearly and consider his referee style the best in the business. The Mixed martial arts critics and community respect and honor him. If you want a guy for a high-stakes event that does the job responsibly, you have to call Herb Dean. Don’t take our word for it. He won the Fighter’s Only Magazine’s Referee of the year seven times. Good for Herb! That wraps it up for our coverage on UFC’s best referee. Keep coming back for more to Otakukart!

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