Hellboy 2019 Review: A Disappointing Remake


The new Hellboy movie doesn’t take inspiration from the story of the previous movies but it is mostly based on comic book stories which on paper and at first seems pretty good. However, in reality, they have taken titbits from various comic book Hellboy stories and tried to paste them together in this movie haphazardly which is a very bad thing.

It seems that the movie is filled with subplots, but these subplots are left hanging which is confusing. Also, the animations in the movie look very very cheap which is a big turn down. It seems like the animation effects of a movie from the 1970s. Even though the movie is full of very fine action but the action isn’t pretty to watch due to bad effects.

Also, the father-son chemistry in the movie doesn’t fit as the characters don’t seem like a pair on the screen which is completely opposite of the original movies. At the end of the movie, this ship tries to steady itself by having a pretty promising ending, but it simply is too late to save the movie from being labeled as simply a bad movie.

But this promising ending could spark a better sequel version of the movie but the way things were handled in this movie, it is better that no other sequel of the movie comes out again. In the movie, we see some of the funny moments, but again the timing of the dialogues didn’t fit in, and some of the good dialogues of the movie could have been made excellent by good direction, and most of the bad ones could have turned out to be good due to the same reason.

One of the very few good things about this movie was the amount of violence that has been displayed in the movie which is completely insane and good but the CGI effects made them look ordinary again.

Hellboy movie

If them effects would have been good movie might have been way better than it turned out to be. The most wasteful part of the movie is the mixing of several arcs of the comic into a two-hour long movie which has basically got everything messed up.

As we know if the story of the movie is messed up then no one can make the movie look good. It is safe to tell all our followers that if someday you decide to watch a Hellboy movie than please watch the old ones and not this one and if you have already watched them then there is no need to watch this one. The movie in simple terms is bad and that us our verdict.


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