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Helen Stanley Partner: Who Is The Popular Petrolhead Dating?

Helen Stanley Partner: Who Is The Popular Petrolhead Dating?
Helen Stanley's love for car is inseparable (Source: NewsLine)

Helen Stanley, the show’s lead, has always been a fascinating and compelling character for people who watch Goblin Works Garage. After the program, fans are asking about Helen Stanley Partner. Whether you’re a novice follower of the program or understand everything there is to know about Helen Stanley, you’ll enjoy knowing more about her.

Helen Stanley is a tv personality best known for hosting Goblin Works Garage, a worldwide custom automobile show that aired on Quest, Discovery, as well as MotorTrend. The self-proclaimed boy racer is an expert in automobiles and motorcycles. Several shows where she has shown her love for vehicles include Motor Pickers, World’s Greatest Cars, and I’m Not Driving That with Ali-A.

Helen Stanley Partner: Who Is The Popular Petrolhead Dating?

Mod Shop Goblin Works: Helen Stanley (Source: Tom Barnes)

Stanley is also a social media celebrity. Car Cult TV is the name of her YouTube channel. There are racing videos, automobile evaluations, and vlogs on the channel.

Her appearance in the “Garage Works Goblins” event catapulted her into the spotlight, and she became a movie star as a result. For almost a decade, she has become a fashion blogger. She has achieved great success in her job and enjoys a lavish lifestyle. She is also the proprietor of “Skull & Pistons Garage” and a vehicle designer. Helen is among the most attractive TV hosts with a thin frame.

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Helen Stanley Partner

Since her performances on the show, Helen Stanley has been tied to her co-star Anthony Partridge. In fact, the questions on Helen Stanley Partner are still popping. It wasn’t for irrational reasons, either. As couples holidayed together and were interested in one’s own families, her friendship with her TV colleague looked to be more than just platonic.

Stanley acknowledged her connection with her show partner, Anthony Partridge, through emergence and a succession of replies to concerns about it. Now let us start with her weblog, which is maintained on Helenstanleyofficial, a self-titled site. In a blog post headlined The Podcast is Still here! She introduced Partridge as her accomplice. She also made fun of his driving abilities, referring to him like a her “co-hoon from Goblin Works Garage.

Helen Stanley Partner: Who Is The Popular Petrolhead Dating?

Helen Stanley Partner: Anthony Patridge (Source:

If her initial remark, in which she alluded to Partridge as her “companion,” wasn’t there, her following partnership comments were. In May 2020, she posted an Instagram photo with Partridge. In the description, she called him “a fantastic bike designer and racer.” The comment section of the article was flooded with kind words from fans who admired the two.

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Relationship Between The Couple

One of the most beloved pairs on the show is Stanley & her boyfriend, Anthony Partridge. They’re presented in such a way that their fans hope they’d marry them. In Stanley’s Instagram post, for instance, a follower named Olly Van B pushed them to become husband and wife instead of dating companions. He wrote, “Thought these two car enthusiasts should indeed be hitched.”

Stanley, on either side, stated that she was essentially wedded to her vehicles when it came to marriage. Although it was a humorous stance, the racer’s remark indicated that she had prioritized her job over tying the knot for the moment.

But that’s not to suggest she doesn’t have a great bond with Patridge. In the same post, their acquaintances described them as “a favorite power couple.” Stanley and her companion thanked each other profusely for the praise.  In a brief, Stanley is content with her acquaintance with Partridge. Notwithstanding this, a wedding seems to be a subject she does not have to talk about right now because she is focused on her career.

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Helen Stanley Career

Helen Stanley’s Goblin Works Garage became quite trendy and fashionable when she was younger. She also had a stellar career in the fashion sector, lasting 10 years. Stanley’s accomplishment in the world of fashion inspired her to open a customs business. She started Skulls and Pistons Garage with her boyfriend, a company that specialized in preserving and modifying historic British cars. Helen’s goal is to offer a unique approach to automotive modification in the United Kingdom.

However, she ultimately realized to switch things up in her life and became interested in automobiles. She collaborated on automotive designs at the Goblin Works firm, which rapidly became her obsession. Helen Stanley’s repair profession flourished, especially after she was featured on the company’s television program. She collaborated on bringing intriguing and contemporary looks to many of the world’s top vehicles and bicycles alongside Jimmy de Ville as well as Ant Partridge.

In 2020, she co-hosted the TV series exposé “Motor Pickers,” in which she and partner specialist Paul Cowland assist purchasers in finding their ideal automobile. They help clients choose a car that suits their budget and specs using their knowledge and skills.

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