Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 2: Ke Kanaka I Ha’ule Mai Ka Lewa Mai On CBS

In this post, we are going to talk about Hawaii Five-0 season 9 episode 2 release date, where to watch, and spoilers. The show returned with its ninth season, and the first episode was titled Cocoon. This might be strange for those who are following the show since the beginning, as the first episode of the show was also named Cocoon. That is because the show has completed 50 years considering the broadcast year of the original show. The original show was broadcasted between years 1968 to 1980. So, let’s talk more about the next episode!

Hawaii Five-0 season 9 episode 2: Ke Kanaka I Ha’ule Mai Ka Lewa Mai

The second episode of Hawaii Five-0 season 9 is supposed to release on 5 October 2018. The show is broadcasted on CBS channel at 9 PM every Friday. The show can be streamed online on the CBS app, for those who prefer watching the show on their portable devices. Moreover, there are certainly other online portals providing access to CBS channel such as Hulu, Roku to watch the show at the mentioned time.

Hawaii Five-0 season 9 episode 2

The first episode was really interesting, as McGarrett was trying hard to find his friend’s murderer. He even endangered his life by handing over himself to the group he thinks killed his friend. On the other side, Tani was trying to figure out whether she should tell about the murder weapon to McGarrett which she found in Adam’s house.

In the upcoming episode, we will see a tourist father traveling on a flight which has been kidnapped and forced to parachute midway. The show title also means “The Man Who Fell From the Sky.” Danny, Junior, and Tani will have to locate him as he goes through woods. However, they will get to know afterward that he is not someone who he is pretending to be. That is going to be a serious mission for sure!

On the other side, McGarrett will be sort of blackmailed by means of a secret of his early life. What will that secret be? This has really increased my willingness to watch the episode!

You can watch Hawaii Five-0 season 9 episode 2 online in HD on CBS App!

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