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Han So Hee Talks About Her Roles, How She Views Herself And More With Allure!

Han So Hee Allure
Han So Hee

Han So Hee was recently featured in the fashion magazine Allure! Who has not heard the name of the reigning princess of kdramas, Han So Hee? From The World Of The Married to Nevertheless, and My Name. This beautiful girl has managed to dominate all the genres in such a short amount of time. Moreover, Han So Hee is a 27-year-old actress under U-ATTO Entertainment. She is also known as the little Song Hye Kyo owing to the resemblance to the beautiful actress Song Hye Kyo. Before dominating the kdrama world, Han So Hee used to be a successful model. And if you follow her on Instagram, you will not be surprised by this piece of information. Furthermore, Han So Hee debuted a small role in the SBS drama Reunited Flowers in 2017. Han So Hee continued picking up support roles in kdramas such as  Money Flower, 100 Days My Prince, After The Rain, and Abyss throughout 2017 and 2018.

However, it was her role in The World Of The Married, aka the highest-rated cable television drama in South Korean history, that brought her fame. Soon after, we saw Han Soo He play lead roles in Nevertheless, and the Netflix produced web-series My Name, both of which she aced. Fans were in awe of Han So Hee’s acting range after witnessing her as a sweet student in Nevertheless and then as a gangster in My Name. In a recent interview, the star of the hour, Han So Hee, talked about her success and the impact that My Name had on her. Recently, while sporting the #K-Romamance Lipstick, Han So Hee answered many burning questions about her goals, the troubles she faces these days, and more with Allure. Keep reading to see what Han So Hee says!

Han So Hee Talks About Her Goals And Struggles With Allure

When asked about her goals, Han So Hee said that she usually didn’t plan on anything and just wanted to do stuff that she liked to do and would have fun with. However, now that more and more people have started following her, she wants to do more works that would keep up with people’s expectations. She even felt that with the increase in genres, she wanted her acting range to grow too. Well, we are sure that Han So Hee will be able to do that effortlessly! Next, Allure asked Han So Hee how does she pick scripts when, as we expect, many people have been casting her. Han So Hee answered by saying rather than picking works that fit her image, she also tries to take on more creative roles and tries to nail them!

Han So Hee Allure

Han So Hee

They even asked a very interesting question if she were a child and she knew she would make it big as an actress, how would she react. Han So Hee said that although she would consider it amazing, she would be a bit unhappy as well. This is because she had considered herself an artist and considered the artwork in her closet as the only type of art. Well, we are happy that Han So Hee decided to become an actress because the acting industry wouldn’t be the same without her! Han So Hee went on to say that she wouldn’t be the same person if she was scared of unfamiliar things. She is never afraid of taking paths that she hasn’t before. We know she is a very daring person!

The Rising Actress Talks About Her Work Schedule

When talking, the maximum off-days, she took the past few years was at the most 3 days and 4 nights! She said that she doesn’t force herself to do so, it actually comes naturally. At the most, she only likes to take breaks for 2-3 days because sitting at home more than that makes her feel like a stone. Han So Hee is the happiest when she is working. She joked when she was working very hard, she would feel like taking half a year break but never managed to do so because she never liked sitting at home. When she was working, she could eat snacks and do what she loved the most. Guess Han So Hee is the definition of a workaholic!

Han So Hee Allure

Han So Hee

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