Greenleaf Season 3 Episode 5: Closing Doors

Greenleafs are really making a mess of the issue. They cannot even handle one issue, and they have a lot of issues in total. Take it from Bishop James and Lady Mae’s divorce or the feud between Kevin and Charity. Now, they showed how they could ruin a nice party into a chaotic situation without any hesitation (I’ll brief about it later in the article). So, I cannot wait to give all I got for Greenleaf season 3 episode 5 release date, where to watch, and spoilers.

Greenleaf Season 3 Episode 5: Closing Doors

The show has been through ups and downs, mainly ups when we talk about rifts. Just four episodes broadcasted, and we are at the war-like situation. Next episode of Greenleaf season 3 will be broadcasted on 19 September 2018. There is no confirmation related to how many episodes the third season include, but it might be ranging from 13 to 16.

The fifth episode of Greenleaf season 3 is broadcasted on OWN channel on every Wednesday at 10/9c PM. The show can also be streamed using OWN app which provides free streaming if you have an active cable subscription. Moreover, other online streaming portals are also a choice to consider for streaming on the discussed time.

Let’s come on to the point, as we saw that Bishop organized a party to win the love back from Mae. How romantic, isn’t it? But do you really think Mae even thinks like that? We even knew that she met her college best friend Maxine Patterson who is now a successful pastor. Bishop gave a romantic speech for Mae; he even tried to explain how did they meet, how did they fell in love, and how much he loves her. But we could clearly see that Mae had nothing to respond about, as she is eyeing for a big-amount check from Clara from setting up the IRS mess.

Moreover, when Mae told Maxine that she is divorcing Bishop and planning to start a new church at school; but Maxine was onto something; he said why new church? When you already have a church at Calvary. Mae also reconsidered what she had in mind. All of a sudden, Rochelle entered the party. That was an awkward moment for sure, even left me thinking why does she have to poke her nose all the time? Mae told Bishop to rule her out of the party. And they all might be thanking god as she did not create any scene.

Even further, we saw that Kevin was furious at Charity as she took the baby and left. Kevin was calling her one after other, and she was not even picked. But she picked up when Grace called her, said that she is sitting at poolside at a resort and the baby was being taken care by on-site nannies. Leaving this and coming to Mae and Bishop, what happens if Clara denies to give them IRS fund check? Just imagine, everything that was stopping Mae from leaving Bishop is no more the reason.

We will see the same in an upcoming episode, after which Mae and Bishop will take care of their own future. Additionally, Grace’s baby will be having a serious medical condition, which is an emergency situation and rushed to the hospital. Grace will be seen thinking there is something from Sophia, but that is not something she can prove! We have to wait a bit till the next episode drops, to see all the drama!

You cannot download Greenleaf Season 3 Episode 5 anywhere online. 

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