Gotham Knights Premiere Date Officially Confirmed

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Gotham Knights release date
Gotham Knights finally gets an official release date

The long and much-anticipated release date of Gotham Knights has just been confirmed! The official confirmation comes courtesy of the Gotham Knights’ official social media accounts. The fans have already erupted in elation over the news but there’s a fair share of disappointment regarding the release date too. Gotham Knights were originally announced at 2020’s DC FanDome Livestream.

Ever since, there has been a barrage of speculations and anticipation regarding the release date of the game, which was delayed twice. The leaks and sightings of a boxed set of Gotham Knights had recently contributed to the speculation that the game might be finally here and that it’ll release very soon. However, now that the official announcement is here, we know that to be not the case.

So when is the game arriving and what’s with the disappointment among the fans? Let’s delve into all that and more.

Gotham Knights trailer
The announcement came from the official Gotham Knights pages across social media platforms

Gotham Knights Release Date

Gotham Knights have an official release date of October 25, 2022. Although the announcement has given joy to all the fans who’ve been tirelessly awaiting it forever, the October release date has let some fans down who can’t wait to play the game anymore. However, one common sentiment among all the reactions to the announcement has been of satisfaction. To the disappointed response regarding the far-away release date, many fans believe it to be a much better option than getting it early and unfinished. Here are some of the responses to the Gotham Knights release date announcement on Twitter:

Here’s What the Fans are Saying About the Game

Initially set to release last year, WB Montreal pushed the release date further. Some fans started speculating that the release date will be pushed back even further and that turned out to be right. Here are some of the responses from fans that wanted their hands on the game a bit earlier than October:

However, as has been demonstrated by major games like Cyberpunk 2077 recently, a delayed, finished game is way better than a hasty, glitch-infested letdown. Many fans concur and here are their replies to the not-so-merry responses:

Gotham Knights will see Batwing, Robin, Batgirl, and Red Hood take up the mantle and become the savior knights of Gotham. With Batman dead, this Gotham is infested by the ominous Court Of Owls. Now it’s upon the new knights to fight against the creepy society of villains as well as some classic villains like Penguin and Mr. Freeze. The game will also have an online two-player co-op feature as well.

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